Her Bosses Baby

By: Kimmy Love

“Starving.” I sit on the edge of the bed and notice how Adams eyes linger over my leg as the robe slips off it. I pull it across again. “I have nothing with me,” I say.

“If you need anything, I can ring down for you.”

Adam walks over and sits next to me on the bed. He strokes my forehead with his fingers and runs his fingers to my chin and down my neck. My back arches and the front of my robe parts by a fraction of an inch. His eyes are on my chest. His fingers continue their journey down. Down to the soft mound of my left bosom. He pulls the robe away from my breast and my nipple is exposed, erect and dimpled by the water. He circles it with his fingers and keeps his eyes on it and not on me. My breathing is quickening and I lean a little closer. Adam pulls the robe off my shoulder and cups by breast. He squeezes and inhales deeply, edging closer to me so that our heads are almost touching.

Still cupping my breast he kisses the side of my neck and pushes his tongue into my ear. So comforting, so needed, so sexy. He’s squeezing my nipple and pulls my robe off the other shoulder. Sitting back he looks at my bosoms then drops to his knees on the floor in front of me. His mouth clamps my other nipple. He begins to suck and pull, lick and nibble. I pull his head closer, fingers through his hair and part my legs so that his body can be closer to mine.

I tilt back my head at the ecstasy of his tongue on my skin and screw my eyes tight shut. Suddenly, there’s a knock on the door.

“Room service!”

He whispers the words, “damn it,” under his breath and gets up to answer the door. I rearrange the bathrobe and walk to the small table and two chairs in one corner of the room. Adam tips the waitress.

“That shouldn’t have happened,” I say, taking a seat and lifting the lids off the plates of food.

“Yes it should’ve,” he says and we eat in silence.

Adam and I have never experienced and awkward silence. In all the time I’ve known him and even when it was becoming clear that there was a sexual tension between us, we always found something to say. No matter how silly or meaningless—we never had moments like this.

Every now and again we look up and find the other staring and it is hard to pull away from Adam’s gaze. Before I can take the final mouthful, Adam’s leg extends beneath the table and makes contact with mine. I exhale and lift my eyes slowly to meet his. There is a half-smile on his lips. His lips are plump and tempting. The memory of feeling them on my nipples is causing a re-ignited arousal in me. It had never quite gone out, it was just lying in wait until the time of weakness between us would happen again.

I can’t fool myself that it would never come to this. I imagined it in the taxi over here, but I thought that I could have some control. But with the heaving of Adam’s chest in front of me, I’m lost. I push my plate aside and pull the robe off my shoulders. Adam keeps his eyes on mine, but pulls his chair closer so that he is opposite me, only inches away.

He leans forward and I think he is going to touch my breasts or kiss me and I arch forward but all he does is drag my chair out from under the table and pull it close so that our knees touch. He looks down at my breasts and a heat forms in my crotch. I want him so badly, I can think of nothing else. My life before I walked into that hotel room has disappeared.

Slowly, Adam undoes the belt of my robe and lays each edge to my sides so that they hang off the armless chair towards the floor. The lower part of the robe is loose and I go to pull it aside. Adam stops me. Placing a hand on my hand and putting each of my hands to rest on the sides of the chair.

He leans forward and gently pulls the robe completely open. I’m breathing heavily and moistening fast. He grabs each of my thighs and moves them wide apart, then looks down at my pussy as if it is the next course. Still he doesn’t touch me, just looks. He undoes the buttons of his shirt and removes it completely, tossing it onto the floor beside him. I look down at it and then at his wide chest.

I’ve never seen his skin exposed to me before and I want to touch it, kiss it. Then he stands and undoes the top button of his fly. Lowering the zip, I see the protrusion of his erection through his underwear. He releases his hard cock and it lurches out as he lowers his pants and shuffles his feet out of them. Sitting again he removes his socks but my eyes are on his long, thick penis and the mounds of his balls as he leans on his elbows towards me again.

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