Him & Her

By: Shelby Mitchell


Summary: Him & Her (BWWM Romance) Book One

Sometimes losing is the best thing that can happen to a guy. When a hot, sexy gamer geek obsessed with winning meets his match in a sassy, take no crap ‘cook’, sparks fly and a game served spicy begins.

Micah James is tall, excessively handsome, a brilliant success as a top video game programmer and a jerk of the first order. Used to flashing a smile and a wink to get whatever he wants, Micah knows what he wants right now and it’s for the local supermarket deli ‘cook’ to be his personal chef. What he’s not ready for is the battle of wills he’ll soon engage in when he meets his match in Nori Blackmon.

Nori Blackmon is sassy, curvy and determined to make a success of her life, not matter the cost or sacrifice. She has little time for the spoiled, good looking frat boy demanding she drop everything to come work for him as his personal chef. His arrogance knows no bounds and his inability to take no for an answer rubs her the absolute wrong way.

When their worlds collide, neither is ready for the perfect and powerful chemistry that exists between them or that a love like this can form between two people with such different lives and dreams.

Him & Her is a contemporary love story between a man and woman moving in different directions until fate intervenes to offer them a new one—with each other.

Note: This book has a continuation to the next book (cliff hanger). If you do not like reading series of this nature, this book and storyline may not be for you.

This sexy, fun, witty novel by Shelby Mitchell is a BWWM (Black Woman White Man) interracial romance that contains adult subject matter, descriptive and explicit sex, adult language and mature topics including sex between a billionaire and a curvy, voluptuous black woman. For adults only—Not suitable for readers under 18.

Chapter One

“But I can’t cook! Are you sure? Come on… help a brother out here,” I say looming over her by a full head and a little too much in her personal space. We’re squared off in a showdown in the middle of the hot food section of the fancy organic supermarket food chain I frequent.

This gesture is as much a dare as I’m willing to make in a very public place with this woman—a perfect stranger but dare I admit, an opponent in a battle of wills. There’s some mystical element that draws me in, says she’s different and to be on my game. All the same, having the height advantage is a tactic I’m not ashamed to use on her in my attempt to get the upper hand. Women love tall men, right? I know I may be pushing it a bit with that ‘brother’ reference too, but I’m determined to persuade her to my side; and win. I want her as my personal chef and I’m not taking no for an answer.

“Brother? You must have bumped your head on those glass food protectors over there,” she says, waving to the rows and rows of hot food buffet items with a behemoth serving spoon. It’s a little too close to my face for my liking. Several serving utensils, like this one wielded by hungry customers, fill the air with clangs of bustling activity dishing up her scrumptious food around us. An emotion-infused lyrical tone snatches my attention back to her. “Um-hm. Look, you poor-excuse-for-a-Chris-Evans-Captain-America wannabe! I am not a cast member from The Help that you can boss around. Nor am I interested in your… pitiful offer.” She’s riled up and I’ve offended her; not good. But she’s not done with me yet, “I said no, I don’t want to be your personal chef, so leave it at that.” Her chest heaves beneath a food smeared apron with protracted breaths. She visibly fights to seize control of some nerve I’ve struck.

Large brown eyes of assessment scan me, carefully. From the looks of it, she’s definitely not that impressed. When she leans in a bit, my pulse jumps at the wonder of her calculated movement. In a whispered promise she says, “And if you ask me if I’m sure one more time, I’m going to show you how certain I am!” Wow! Primitive and raw. This is beyond the best battle I’ve had in a long time. Powerful food aromas swarming around us are not enough to conquer the delicate but enticing fresh scent of lemons and spicy ginger that waft from her to tickle my senses with her closeness. It all works to make my curiosity level in her spike.

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