Him & Her

By: Shelby Mitchell

I'll grab a late night snack and wait up for her. Maybe she got a ride to work or something. In the kitchen, I spot a note propped against a mug by the stove. Good. Maybe she had to work late tonight. Her and her notes. I chuckle at her habit of leaving me little pieces of paper here and there.

I pick up the mug and snatch the sticky note off to read. My smile falls and retreats in haste as bile fills my stomach and the air around me looses its life-giving essence. I can’t breath or comprehend what is happening and it threatens to choke life out of me. Confusion overtakes all my faculties. The sound of the mug shattering against the kitchen tile floor seems so far away.


I can't do this. Please do not try to contact me.

Good bye my love,


To be continued...

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