Him & Her

By: Shelby Mitchell

There’s no point in helping her stay here. I’m his excuse to get rid of her. This saggy-cheeked coward is starting to really piss me off. This place is the one not good enough for her talents. I race to the back of the store as soon as the jerk manager turns to leave in that direction.

Dammit, there’s an electronic scanner next to the door marked, ‘Employees Only’. I can’t get access but can see her through the glass slit, standing just on the other side. Her hands are folded underneath what looks to be like a very nice rack.

Why didn’t I notice her boobies before? They look real too. I wonder what size they are. I can’t make out too much of anything through that stupid apron. Squirrel! Micah focus! Stop checking out her tits! I suck, can’t even focus for two seconds. But, her tits look like they could be amazing. And I’m the ass who’s the cause of her being back here.

Remorse hits like a ton of bricks. I had to come back to the store demanding she be my chef. I couldn’t take no for an answer and leave it at that. As usual I turned it into some stupid game of competition instead of this woman’s life and my childish behavior has cost her, her job. I’m just as bad as her manager, not listening, only making my own conclusions about her to get what I wanted. I’m the entitled prick, just as much as he’s the power-drunk one. I guess I can’t stand him because I’m too much like him, doing the same thing to her. I wanted what I wanted, at the expense of her job. I’m a grade-A asshole—who can’t even ignore her breasts at a time like this.

I refocus and try to get her attention to open the door. She turns to see me waving at her and gives me the finger! Whoa, the finger, really? But I guess I deserve that. The chuckle escapes my throat before I know it’s there. There she is. There’s my spitfire.

The clearing of a throat behind me let’s me know he’s here too. I turn to see Red-iculous, the manager guy, shooing me away from the door. He looks like a happy son-of-a-bitch. Running back here to fire an innocent person—all to make himself just a little more drunk with power. She’s too much for him to handle. That’s definitely what it is.

Figures, he has no chin. Seriously, the end of his face goes directly into a slope into his neck. Probably has no dick either. I guess I should cut him some slack then—his being disabled, appearance wise and all.

Come to think of it, nah. He’s still a prick. I step aside as he runs a key card through the scanner next to the door and enters without a backwards glance. When I look through the door again, they have disappeared. I must make this right. I’ll make this up to her, that’s a promise.

Chapter Two

In the parking lot, waiting for what seems like an eternity for her to come out of the store, I decide to check the back. I drive around and yep, there she is at the loading dock entrance about fifty yards down. She’s got a quick pace going for her height as she launches off the loading dock like a gymnast. This woman is in a hurry. I guess I can’t blame her. I wouldn’t linger after getting fired either. Shudders run through me at the thought of how I played a big part in her firing.

These lights back here suck balls, hard. I can barely make out her feminine fluid gait as she moves through the shadows. It’s dark and almost closing time for the store, so I convince myself I’m not stalking her; just making sure she gets safely to her car. There should be better lighting back here at night. It’s a great place for someone to get snatched up. I decide to keep an eye on her until she makes it to her car unmolested.

She keeps walking as I continue what I think is a safe distance but give the gas a little push in my Jeep SUV and continue to trail her to see where she’s heading. Aside from the distant sounds of shopping carts and cars coming in and out of the parking lot; the night is clear, still and calm. I give her more distance to clear the lot as my tires make unwanted loud crunching sounds rolling along on asphalt. She clears most of the cars to the edge of the lot and I continue to follow with the lights off. This is crazy. I’m out here in the middle of the night acting like a seasoned stalker. But I owe it to her to make sure she gets to her car.

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