His Virgin Bride

By: Sam Crescent

“What’s Tillie talking to that dick for?” he asked, angry at seeing her talking to the guy. In all the years he’d known her, which was only three, he’d never seen her pay attention to other guys. She didn’t go looking for dates or even try to get their attention. Looking at her, he saw that Tillie had finally revealed a little bit of skin. She usually wore long jeans, shirts that were two sizes too big, and her long chestnut brown hair covered her face. What he saw before him now was not anything like the Tillie he’d come to know. She wore three quarter length jeans that showed off her ankles, and a shirt that showed off a great deal of her tits. Three years he’d been her friend, and he’d never once seen a glance of the nice full body that was on display.

She wasn’t model thin, and he’d put her at a size sixteen or maybe even a bit bigger. Kurtis didn’t care about her size. He’d fuck them big or small. Tillie had shot him down, even though he’d offered her a pity fuck. She could have gone round campus saying she’d fucked the popular Kurtis Spencer. Tillie didn’t want that name, so he hadn’t pressured her.

“He started talking to her during their English class. They’re partners or something, and he asked her out. Tillie, of course, turned him down, but he’s coming in again to ask for more,” Collette said, giggling.

Kurtis didn’t see what was fucking funny, not by a long shot. Brandon wasn’t the kind of man that should be hanging around Tillie. He was an asshole of the highest order.

“He’s an asshole,” Kurtis said. “Tillie shouldn’t be hanging out with him.”

“It’s not your decision. If she likes him, I think she should go for it,” Cynthia said.

He didn’t have to listen to this shit.

About to storm off, he stopped himself when he noticed Tillie walking toward their table. The new clothes she was wearing enhanced her figure to perfection. All her curves were on display, and he wanted to touch them, to draw her close, and hold her.

“Hey, guys,” she said, placing their drinks down. She was carrying a tray, and set all of their drinks down. Before he got a chance to say anything to her, she was off again, handing the tray to the bartender. She didn’t stop to make conversation and was back with them within seconds.

“What should we drink to?” Cynthia asked.

“Our last year in college,” Tillie said, whooping as she did. She grabbed one of the shots from the tray and downed it in one. They were on their summer vacation, and college was out for the next few weeks.

Kurtis couldn’t keep his eyes off Tillie. She looked different.

Downing his shot, he quickly grabbed another. Tillie hadn’t even looked in his direction.

“Come on, spill,” Collette said.

“What?” Tillie frowned, looking at her friend.

Glancing over at his friends, he saw they were both listening in as well.

“Come on, Brandon, spill about him,” Cynthia asked.

“Nothing happened. He offered to buy me a drink, I turned him down nicely, and that was it.”

“He’s asking you out, and you can’t just turn down free booze.” This came from Collette.

“I can turn down any guy that I want. I’m not interested in Brandon. You’ve heard about him and what he’s like. It’s not going to happen, not by a long shot. Sorry, this girl is staying fresh and single.” Tillie took another shot, downing it again.

Once she’d had her limit, which was usually four, she’d move onto soda. He’d watched the way she worked, keeping herself always in control but still having an element of fun.

“How are you going to lose your V-card, Tillie? I mean seriously. You’re twenty-one years old and still a virgin,” Collette said.

Everyone at the table froze. Kurtis couldn’t believe what he just heard. “You’re still a virgin?”

Tillie had gone bright red, and she was shooting daggers at Collette with her eyes. He didn’t believe for a second that Tillie was a virgin. Who stayed a virgin anymore? It was the best thing to lose it.

From the look on her face, Tillie was indeed a virgin, and Kurtis couldn’t believe it.


She was going to kill her friend.

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