His Virgin Bride

By: Sam Crescent

She followed her friends back to the table. The moment Cynthia and Collette were at the table, Steve and Danny took them away onto the dance-floor, leaving her and Kurtis alone. She felt his eyes on her. Glancing over at him, she saw he was indeed staring at her.

“What is your problem?” she asked.

“I’m just curious about you is all.”


“This is the first time I’ve met a virgin. I wondered if you’d got some kind of halo.”

“Fuck off, Kurtis. You’re not even funny. Where’s one of your regulars, huh? Or have you already had a flavor for the night?”

“Wow, you’re showing to have claws. I like it. It turns me on.”

Rolling her eyes, she finally took a seat, and looked toward the dancefloor. It was a tune that everyone just had to dance to, swinging their hips from side to side.

“Will you stop staring at me?” she asked, turning back toward him.

“I’ve always stared at you.”

“No, you’ve put up with me like I put up with you. It’s entirely different.”

“Put up with me?”

“We wouldn’t even be sitting here having a conversation if it wasn’t for our friends. Believe me, Kurtis, I know I’m not the kind of friend you have.” They had talked a lot over the course of their friends’ relationship but nothing like this. She tried to avoid talking to him, usually because there was a woman not far away trying to get into his pants.

“Are you saying you’re too good for me?”

“No. I’m saying that I’m the last person you’d be talking to.”


Letting out a frustrated sigh, she turned all the way toward him. “Really, you want to do this now? After three years you really don’t see it?” She was getting angry with him.

“I want you to enlighten me as to why I wouldn’t be talking to you.”

“Fine, look at the women you fuck about with, Kurtis. Your only friends are men, okay? You don’t have female friends unless they’re the kind that you fuck, and I’m not your type.”

“I don’t have a type.”

“You have a type. They’re usually blonde, slender, with barely anything for a brain. Their only wish in life is to serve the great and powerful Kurtis Spencer.” She dropped her hands and glared at him. “There, I’ve said what I need to say.”

He sat back, smirking at her.

“Do you want to dance?” he asked, taking her completely by surprise.


“You heard me, do you want to dance?”

She looked toward the floor where both of her friends were having fun, then back at Kurtis. Not once had she danced with him.

“Is this some joke?”

He rolled his eyes, getting up from his seat, and grabbing her hand. “No joke.” Kurtis took the lead making their way onto the dance-floor.

At first she was way too self-conscious of everything that was going on. She didn’t know what to do.

“Come on, relax. I’ve seen you dance before. You don’t have to be a statue, not even with me.” He grabbed her hips, spinning her around so that her back was pressed to his front. Suddenly he started to grind against her ass, taking her hips, and swinging them from side to side. “Let the music work your body. It’s just me, Tillie. I’m not going to hurt you.”

Gritting her teeth, she closed her eyes, and tried to relax. The song ran on, and by the end of the song, she was dancing with Kurtis as if they’d been doing it her entire life.

The next song rolled on, and it was a slow love song. About to leave the dance-floor, she gave a little squeal as Kurtis spun her around and banded his arms around her waist. Tillie was shocked by his show of strength. She knew he was a strong guy, had seen him break into a fight several times, but nothing prepared her for when that strength was turned on her.

She couldn’t fight him. He was the one in control, not her.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Nothing. We’re just dancing. You don’t need to go running off.”

Staring at him for several seconds, she nodded her head. “Fine, I can stay and dance. No problem.” Placing her hands on both of his shoulders, she took a deep breath, and just allowed herself to relax. There wasn’t anything else she could do.

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