His Virgin Bride

By: Sam Crescent

Tillie paid the cab driver and followed her friends toward her apartment. Danny, Steve, and Kurtis were pulling up as they were at the door. She let one of the girls stay behind. Going up to their apartment, she left the door open. Kicking off her shoes, she placed them on the shoe rack beside the door. She didn’t stay around. Going into her room, she closed the door, and stripped out of her clothing, putting on a pair of shorts and vest shirt. It was too hot for anything else, and she was so damn happy to get out of the jeans. They were good, and made her ass look good according to Collette, but in the heat they were close to unbearable.

Throwing the clothes into the hamper, she made her way outside to find her friends were already in the kitchen making drinks while the guys were picking a movie.

Entering the kitchen, she let the girls go to change while she finished arranging the drinks and snacks on a plate.

“Do you need any help?” Kurtis asked.

She turned to find his gaze was on her legs. “Sure.” She handed him the tray of drinks. “You can take that in.”

“Are you going to date Brandon?”

Pushing some hair out of her eyes, she stared up at him. “What?”

“Brandon, are you going to date him?”

“No, he’s a work partner, and that is all.” She tilted her head to the side. “Is this sudden interest because you’ve found out I’ve got a cherry?”

Kurtis smirked. “Nah, I know why you’ve got your cherry still.”

“Is that right?”

“I imagine it’s hard to lose your virginity when you’ve got six brothers breathing down your neck. Is that why you’ve left home for college? Are you going to be adventurous?”

She chuckled. “You’ve got it partly right. If I ever tried to make out with a guy, one of my brothers would always be there to stop it happening. They were kind of frustrating that way. They always seemed to know when I was being naughty or thinking of doing something against their rules.”

“I bet.”

“They have a rule that I’m not allowed to date a guy until I’m thirty.”

“Nine years left to go.”

“I know. They can be total buttheads, but I wouldn’t have them any other way.”

“It must have been hard with no parents.”

Tillie took a breath. “It was hard. It still is at times. Lewis, the brother who raised me, he had it hard. I admire him.”


“He took his five brothers and one sister, and raised them. Okay, he had help from everyone. We all wanted to stay together. The thing is, he could have left me in foster care, and some of my brothers. He didn’t. I love him for that, and so I put up with his nagging and insistence of meeting all the guys who think they’re good enough to go on a date,” Tillie said.

“Come on, you two, we’re hungry, and the movie is about to start,” Danny said, breaking whatever moment they were having.

“We better go,” she said, picking up the tray of snacks. Entering their sitting room, she saw that on one small couch Danny and Cynthia were curled up against each other, and on the other were Steve and Collette. Taking one end of the final small couch, Tillie sat down. Kurtis did the same, sitting beside her.

He was much taller than she was, bigger as well. Kurtis was all muscle, and there wasn’t exactly much room for her. His arms were huge, covered in ink. He’d removed his jacket and sat back, with his arm across the back of the sofa. She curled her feet up, aware of how close he actually was. The movie started, and—shock—it was a horror. The guys always chose a horror film. Reaching beside the couch, she grabbed her pillow, ready for any scenes that were going to make her jump. She hated this, hated horror flicks.

They were twenty minutes into the movie when Kurtis tugged her arm, making her fall against him. She didn’t question it and found herself hiding behind the pillow, and pressed against his side.

The guys were laughing, and the girls just kept on screaming.

By the end of the movie, Tillie was pleased it came to an end. Cleaning up the mess, she was surprised when their friends made their way into their own rooms. Within minutes of the doors closing, moans, groans, and pleas for more were heard. She ignored them, but with Kurtis in the apartment, she felt hot and flustered all over.

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