His Virgin

By: Nikki Chase

My heart is thumping in my chest. I still can't quite believe what just happened.

Of course I’m offended that a man has just put a price tag on sex with me. He thinks he can buy me, and that's not right.

Still, as far as price tags go, $100,000 is really good. It could make all my problems disappear.



“Honey, you home?” I yelled out as the elevator door slid open to reveal our penthouse apartment.

As a realtor, Trish had flexible work hours. I never knew when she'd be working and when she'd be home.

I pulled my suitcase inside, the little wheels rolling on the vintage hardwood flooring, making a hollow sound. The elevator door closed on its own behind me.

I heard some noises from upstairs. A woman's voice. Maybe Trish was home after all. Maybe she was watching something on the TV in our bedroom.

I unzipped the suitcase to quickly grab the Hermés bag, the souvenir Trish had requested from my business trip to Paris. I left the open suitcase by the fireplace in the living room. I could take care of that later. For now, I just wanted to see Trish.

I’d always had to travel a lot for work. With Pop getting older and Cole wanting to do his own stuff, the responsibility of meeting out-of-state and international business associates fell on my shoulders.

I didn't really mind the constant motion, the many hours I was spending at airports all over the world, or even the bad airplane food.

(Even on a private plane, the food tasted bland no matter what. I’d been told it was due to the atmosphere inside the pressurized cabin. Whatever the cause, it was bullshit.)

None of those things bothered me as much as being away from Trish. She was the only person who really knew me, the only person I could really talk to. When she wasn’t around, I felt alone. Which, thinking back now, was completely stupid.

I walked up the stairs with a big, dumb smile on my face. I thought about how Trish would react to seeing the handbag she’d wanted for months.

I was in a good mood, having closed the deal much more easily than I’d expected and having flown home early. Now I had a few days free so I could spend some time with Trish and maybe relax at home for once. I was paying good money for the apartment, and I was never around to enjoy it.

As soon as I stepped onto the stairs landing on the second floor of our apartment, I realized something wasn’t right.

The door to our bedroom had been left ajar. A sliver of sunlight escaped from the bedroom. I couldn’t see inside, but I could clearly make out the woman’s voice now.

It was clearly Trish’s voice, and she was clearly moaning—a sound I had always found sexy, right up until this point in time.

I tried to tell myself that she might’ve been playing one of our sexy videos, or she was having a little solo fun with the vibrator I’d gotten her for Valentine’s Day, but even then, I knew that was wishful thinking. I could almost hear two sets of heavy breathing.

My heart was pounding against my rib cage when I reached the bedroom door. My whole body felt cold. I wasn’t ready to see what I knew I was going to see behind the door, but I couldn’t walk away either.

I pushed the door open.

The hinges creaked softly, and Trish snapped her head around so fast I thought she was going to sprain her neck. Her eyes widened. She was as naked as the day she was born, straddling some guy on the bed. On our bed. My fucking bed.

Heat spread from the center of my chest throughout my body. Anger coursed through my veins. Blood rushed in my ears, and I couldn’t hear a word Trish was saying.

Maybe she wasn’t saying anything. Maybe her mouth was just hanging open from the shock, as wide open as her legs.

I don’t know. All I could hear was a million furious thoughts that were running through my mind.

The guy she was riding grabbed Trish’s shoulders and pushed her off him, his face contorted by fear. My tall stature and lean body, moderately muscular from regular swimming, often intimidate people. But I was also shooting daggers with my eyes, and my hands had balled into fists without me even realizing it.

“Don’t stop on account of me,” I said as calmly as I could. “I was just leaving.” I looked Trish in the eye. “Sasha will call you to help you move out. Get your things out by the end of the week.”

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