His Virgin

By: Nikki Chase

I smile, but I still have some doubts. “How did you even hear about this?”

“A girl I know used to work for the company.” Katie often comes to me with outlandish stories and opportunities from her many friends, so her answer doesn't surprise me.

“And you trust her?”

“Yes. A-hundred percent. She's a sweet girl. She said she'd do it herself if her boyfriend wasn't getting all insecure about it. I’ve always wondered how she could afford all her designer bags and shoes without rich parents or a well-paying job. It all made sense when she told me about this job.” Katie speaks with confidence.

She may be spontaneous to the point of recklessness, but she's a good judge of character. I know I can trust whoever she trusts.

“Okay, let's do this.” My heart pounds in my chest. I feel like I’m watching my own body from the outside as the words slide out of my mouth.

I never thought I'd get this desperate. The idea of parading my half-naked body in front of strange men sends a shiver down my spine, although, to my surprise, I also feel some pleasant flutters in my stomach.

I can't afford to overanalyze anything. I just have to keep trucking, do whatever I have to do to keep Jack and myself safe and healthy.

If I don't come up with the $40,000 I owe Chad Murray soon, he’s going to hurt me—or worse, Jack. And I can't let that happen, not even if I have to whore myself out.



I take a swig of the whiskey and feel the liquid blaze down my throat. This thing fucking burns. It's just what I need tonight.

With Pop in the hospital, I have to do all his work, including the kind that blurs the line between business and pleasure.

When Sasha told me I had to attend a party, at the mansion of a supplier for one of our companies, I knew I was in for a boring evening. Not that I spend my time doing anything more exciting—the opposite, in fact. I prefer to stay back at the office and get some actual work done. But I know Pop would tell me social functions are important work as well, so here I am.

It's been one week since Pop had that mean angina attack. He’s going home soon. I’ve hired someone to look after him—remind him to take his medication at the right times, advise him on his diet, maybe even get him to exercise a little, that kind of thing.

He's getting better, which is good, but I wish he’d get better more quickly so I could go back to visiting our out-of-state and international partners in person, rather than being stuck with video calls that lag and freeze every few seconds.

Without close supervision, they gain the power to screw us over behind our backs. Sure, they may continue to behave out of the goodness of their hearts, but why risk it?

I nod and wave back at a man who's now approaching the bar. Todd Graham, the son of my Uncle Nathan. Todd’s not a cousin, though; he’s just an acquaintance because we're not actually related. Uncle Nathan used to work for my grandfather and has continued to stay with the family after my grandfather’s death.

“How about the girls, huh?” Todd grins as he takes a seat beside me at the bar. “Barkeep! One glass of whatever you have on tap!” Todd snaps his fingers.

The bartender scowls, but Todd doesn’t notice. He’s already busy ogling the waitresses passing by in their little lingerie. They all wear ridiculously high heels that push their tits and ass out.

One of the girls smiles when she notices Todd staring. She saunters over and holds out her tray, while also pushing her tits forward. Giving Todd a flirty smile, she asks, “See anything you want, Sir?”

“Yes, but it's not anything on the tray.” Todd smiles back at the waitress and raises his eyebrows once.

The waitress giggles and slaps Todd lightly on the arm. “Oh, you,” she says.

Jesus, this is painful to watch.

I down the remaining whiskey and slam the crystal glass down on the bar, making both Todd and the girl jump from the sudden noise.

“I have to go.” Without waiting for a reply, I walk away.

Fucking Todd. I had a perfectly nice spot where I was relatively safe from the crowd, and he had to invade it. That's just like him. There's more than one bar in this big mansion, but of course he had to seek me out and take over my bar.

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