His Virgin

By: Nikki Chase

I glare at him and pull my hand away. He lets go of my wrist and smiles, knowing he's already gotten me into his trap without having to physically restrain me.

“What do you want from me?” I honestly don't understand why he has zeroed in on me. With the many other waitresses milling around the mansion, I really don’t stand out.

I wonder if maybe he's attracted to my youth, but the mansion is literally littered with young, attractive girls, many of whom would be excited to get an opportunity to spend the night with this hot shot.

A wealthy man typically has his pick of girls, especially when the man in question looks like Caine Foster. With his full head of golden hair and deep blue eyes, he's the epitome of an all-American hunk. And with his reputation as a good lover, he must be a babe magnet.

So, why me?

“It's not just about what I want from you, Daisy. I'm sure I have something you want as well. We can reach a...mutually beneficial agreement,” he says with one eyebrow cocked.

I stay quiet and look at him, waiting for him to continue. It's not like I have a choice but to listen. The man has threatened to get me fired from both my jobs, neither one of which I can afford to lose.

“Be my pet for one month,” he says casually, as if this is just another business deal.

My eyes widen in shock. Of course I feel our interaction taking on a sexual turn, but to be his “pet”? What the hell does that even mean?

“Come live with me for one month, and I’ll make it worth your while,” he explains, probably sensing my bewilderment.

“Sorry, I'm not for sale.” I glower at him, anger simmering within me. I want to drop all the stupid little pieces of shrimp appetizers on the beige carpet and hit Caine in the head with my canapé tray, but that might get me fired for real.

I'm fine with being poor and unemployed on my own, but I have Jack to think of. For his sake, I need to keep a cool head.

Before I say or do something I’ll regret, I turn around on my heels and start to walk away.

“There’s $100,000 in it for you.”

I stop in my tracks. Did he just say what I think he said? $100,000? That can't be right. I want to look back, but I don't want to ruin the cool exit I’m supposed to be making.

“You heard right. $100,000.” Caine’s footfalls are muted by the thick carpet, but I can feel him getting closer and closer.

He puts one hand on the back of my neck and slides it down to my shoulder. A thrill runs down my spine at his touch. I can't deny it. This man makes the hairs on my skin stand on end. My body becomes hypersensitive when our bodies make contact. I gasp audibly when his lips land on my back.

God, I want more of him. But, I shouldn't...right?

“You don't have to answer right now,” he whispers.

His hand snakes around my body and slides down my stomach, so tantalizingly close to the place where I’m aching for him, literally throbbing for him. He pulls me close until my bare back rests on his broad, hard chest. He slips something into the waist of my black lacy panties, just below my belly button.

“Think about it, my little flower.” Caine plants another kiss, on the back of my neck this time. To my surprise and embarrassment, a small, breathy moan escapes my lips. I freeze, but it's too late. He's obviously heard it. He says, “I guarantee you’ll have a good time, too.”

As if to stress his point, he grabs my ponytail and pulls my head to the side, exposing my neck to him. He trails light, teasing kisses from my shoulder up to the side of my neck. I sigh, momentarily forgetting my outrage as my nerve endings deliver a big dose of pure pleasure to my entire system.

“Call me,” Caine whispers in my ear. When he pulls away, immediately I feel like something's missing. I want his hands and lips back on my body.

Without saying another word, Caine leaves. I just stand there, dumbfounded and unsure what to do. I stare at his broad back as he walks further and further away down the long hallway.

This whole situation is so foreign to me. No other man has ever had that kind of effect on me before.

I look down at my abdomen. Caine has slipped a business card under the elastic waist of my skimpy panties. He's already treating me like a stripper, I realize. Although, to be fair, I am already halfway stripped. All that's missing is a pole.

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