Hot Dad Next Door (Temptation Next Door Book 1)

By: Nicole Casey

A Single Dad and Nanny Romance

Book Description

Hot Dad Next Door

I’m about to become the live-in nanny to the daughter of Ryan Cade. He’s sexy, gorgeous and probably almost twice my age, but he’s the one who can make me wet in one glance.

I have dreamed of his muscular body, his perfect abs and those piercing eyes.

But I can’t sleep with him. No. Not when the 4-year-old candy cotton princess is around.

But by the way he undresses me with his eyes, I know that he wants something too. Something hot. Something… dirty.

Should I tell him the truth?

What if he knows I’m still a virgin?

What if there’s an even bigger surprise waiting for him?



I could do this. At least, I thought I could do this. How difficult could pancakes be? Sure, the batter had splattered all over the counter, the butter had burned in the pan, and the dilapidated oblong pieces of pancake had scorched on contact while the centers continued to ooze runny dough. But I wasn’t giving up yet.

“Daddy, those don’t smell right,” Abby piped up from where she sat at the breakfast bar, peering dubiously at the pan from a safe distance away. A smoky haze seemed to have formed between us, and as if on cue, the fire alarm sounded, brought to life by the smoke wafting through the room. Abby covered her ears and looked ready to burst into tears.

“All right, kiddo. Let’s go.” I grasped her hand gently, still not accustomed to her tiny hands, and worried I’d crush her delicate fingers with the slightest grip. I ushered her into the room quickly, down the hall and out the front door. “Just, stay there, honey, and I’ll turn off the alarm.”

She nodded and I darted back inside, just long enough to make it through the living room and down the hall to the electronic home control station that I was beginning to think had been rather inconveniently placed.

It was time to give up. I could organize multi-million-dollar mergers with my eyes closed, but apparently, I was not fit to master the intricate art of pancake-making.

The alarm temporarily silenced, I raced back to the porch, resigned to another breakfast out. But Abby was gone. I hadn’t been gone for more than two minutes, but she was nowhere in sight. Panic welled in my chest—a sensation I was unaccustomed to. I’d always been calm and cool under pressure, but then, I’d never been responsible for a four-year-old child before. I hadn’t even had her a full two weeks, and already I’d lost her.

Just as I was about to call in the armed forces, I heard giggling, and it sounded suspiciously like Abby’s wind chime laugh. I followed the sound down the steps and across the yard to the neighbor’s house. And there she was. I could see her golden-blonde hair above the bushes in the front yard. I breathed a sigh of relief, thinking it’s a wonder parents could handle this sort of stress on a regular basis.

“Didn’t I tell you to stay on the porch, kiddo?” I queried, probably less sternly than I should have, but I was just relieved she hadn’t wandered into traffic or gotten carried off by kidnappers.

I came around the bushes to retrieve her and wound up not three feet away from the most incredible ass I’d ever seen. The owner was bent over, her head and upper body beneath the bushes. She must be the gardener, and I bet by the look of her she was never out of work. Hell, I’d hire her just to watch her work. What guy wouldn’t?

“Look, daddy, I made a friend,” Abby announced proudly, not the least bit chagrined over her quick escape.

“But I told you to stay put.”

“Yeah, but I wasn’t un-sup’vised ‘cause Emma is watching me. See?”

“I can see that, but you shouldn’t be bothering the woman while she’s working.”

The woman—Emma, I presumed—slipped out from under the bush then and stood up, and every drop of blood circulating in my veins threatened to drain to my cock. The rest of the woman was just as incredible as her ass—long, dark hair, vivid green eyes, tits handcrafted by the gods and legs that were made to be spread.

“She’s no bother, really,” Emma said, and her voice rippled over my skin like a caress. “I’m Emma McKenna,” she introduced herself and extended her hand, but pulled it back with an apologetic smile when she glanced down to find her slim hand covered in dirt.

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