I Told You, You're Mine

By: Heather C. Adams

She rushes back to my side rubbing my arm, “I’m so sorry Blade.”

“You want to come with me?” I smirk trying to shake off the sadness about dad. “We can get a head start on our coming out with this charity event thing.”

She steps back a bit, “Oh blade…it’s too last minute. I just told my boss I was back and she’s already got me on the schedule. I can’t flake out on her. Archer will be with you though right?”

I nod. I had a feeling when I asked it was too last minute, but I had to take a chance.

“You know you don’t need to work at that place?” I feel my face crinkle and try to wipe it away.

“I know but I like it. It keeps me busy and feeling independent. If it becomes a problem the further I go through med school I’ll reevaluate.”

Damn, that woman turns me on! I fucking love everything about her. She’s ballsy and independent and the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.

My cock twitches.

I’ve got to get her back up to that room fast…but first…we’ve got to test drive this baby.

“So how about that test drive?”

A smile gleams on her face as she turns and runs to the car.


I text Avery that I made it home as I come in throwing my keys on the table in the foyer. The house is empty and quiet and miserable. This place is just too big for me to be in alone, and just as I suspect her scent still lingers all over it. Even Miss Abigail’s finest cleaning efforts couldn’t erase it.

It’s still early, so I fit in a run and some weights in the gym in the west wing before showering. I’ve been playing mine and Avery’s playlist all day and by the time I get to the shower, I am rock hard craving her again. I just had her last night but my body is already going through withdrawals and I have no choice but to stroke away the pain.

I watch as the evidence of my longing swirls down the drain, sighing in the scalding water and trying to soak the heaviness away. I’m not looking forward to doing this tonight…and without her.

The event tonight is for children with Autism, a cause dad was passionate about, so I wouldn’t skip it for the world. At least Archer would be there too.

When I pull up to the oversized event building at the country club, a lump creeps up my throat. The view is beautiful that’s for sure. Tons of lights are strung outside lighting the way into the building, with all kinds of statues and décor elegantly decorating the inside…still, the reality that my dad is gone forever hits me hard.

The first person I see when I enter the building is Archer.

Thank God.

And then there is Liza, by his side.


This might be awkward. I have to face her some time though. Her family is at just about every one of these things too, so she wasn’t going away anytime soon.

I grab a glass of champagne from the waiter carrying a tray and make my way across the room.

“Archer, Liza.” I grin as professionally as I can, lifting my glass in the air.

“Blade man, glad you made it.” He patted me on the back.

Liza’s eyes meet mine for a moment before tearing away as fast as possible.

“Can’t say I feel the same,” I took a sip of the potent liquid in my flute, “but I’m here for dad.”


I pretty much stay to myself or by Archer’s side most of the night…at least from what I remember.

Everything is a hazy mess as I stumble in the front door of my house. Liza is under one of my arms.

What in the hell is she here for?

“What happened? I can’t remember shit? How did I get home?” I mumble in a tone that sounds like I’m underwater.

“You were a mess Blade. Archer had to finish your speech. You kept going on and on about your dad.”


Bits and pieces of the night flash in and out of my mind. So much champagne. Fuzzy memories show me that I stumbled up on the stage to start a speech.

Oh, God.

My stomach knots up, fucking shit, I blew that one.

“Where is Archer? Why are you here?” I grumble.

“I told him I’d get you home while he ran damage control on you.”

Everything is so off-balance as I crawl, literally, up the stairs.

“Water,” I call out as I reach the top.

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