I Told You, You're Mine

By: Heather C. Adams

Woman things.

This must be the part where I own up to my wrongdoings and be the patient, understanding boyfriend, paying my dues.

Okay, babe, I got this. I’m here when you’re ready.

Feeling much looser, I pull the door open and head to the back weight room to find Archer already doing pullups.

“Hey man!” Archer calls out as he lets go of the hanging bars, clapping the dust off his hands.

“How’s it going?” I push my phone in my pocket and dip my hand in the talcum powder, preparing to do some pullups myself.

“I’m glad to see you looking like yourself again,” he laughs and comes to pat me on the back. “You were a mess the other night.”

“Ugh,” I groan, “I know. First charity event without dad. It was rough. I drank too much.”

“Yeah,” he laughs, “that much was clear.”

I grab the hanging bars and start some pullups.

“You wrecked the speech man. Do you even remember?”

“No,” I grunt while I strain to pull up one last time.

“Yeah, it was definitely you’re cue to leave. I took over and got Liza to take you home.”

Archer landed on one of the benches leaning back under a weight bar and I met him to spot.

“About that,” I pause, “What in the world were you thinking sending her home with me?” I laugh it off.

He finishes his last rep, grunting and sitting back up on the bench, “ah man, she’s harmless. She said she just took you home and gave you some medicine.”

I sure as hell wasn’t going to say anything in particular. It was embarrassing, but the conversation made me feel better already. He would have said something if anything was off. Liza would have definitely bragged. So, I’m good.

Yup…we’re good.


I throw my keys on the table in the foyer and head to the kitchen for a Gatorade. That workout was exactly what I needed, after the stress worrying about shit with Liza and the past two days of Avery ignoring me. I grab a bottle from the fridge and pop it open. As I turn back to the island, I see a pile of mail that Miss Abigail must have left for me.

I sift through the massive pile and see a small brown padded one sent FedEx Overnight. My name is handwritten on it and the return address is from A. Jennings.


“What in the world?” I tear it open and see a note inside, with a key fob.

“Is this the-“ I hold the fob in front of my face examining it.

This is the key to her car. Why in the hell did she send it to me? I already have the other copy here. I pull the paper out of the envelope and read it.

This won’t work.

That’s all it says. My stomach bottoms out.

“Oh no, not again!” I growl as I drive my fist into the counter.

Chapter 7


My phone rings for the umpteenth time today, and I ignore it again. I know he got the key I mailed. He’s called me non-stop for the past week, but I refuse. I refuse to answer and let him hear what he’s done to me. He doesn’t get to witness my pain while he plays his game with the two of us. I bet he’s been playing both of us all along. I shake my head at the thought and slide my phone back in my apron. I grab the plates off the hot counter for my customers and deliver them.

I throw on a smile to try to convince not only my customers that I’m a happy girl but also myself. The truth is though, I’m in constant pain right now. At first, it started as sadness, but now it’s turning into rage. Everything I thought I knew about Blade McIntosh was a lie. He was never this wonderful man waiting around on me, loving me all those years. No…I was a conquest he kept at bay while he played the field.

Could all that really be true? That can’t really be him, can it?

My chest thumps as my mind flashes all the wonderful moments we shared the past few weeks. A warm tingle climbs my core trying to convince me he’s not that man that I just caught cheating. But he is…

I go through the motions at work tonight, but I’m not really present. It’s funny how your body can go on autopilot completing tasks it knows it’s supposed to while your mind wanders the whole time. I even put on a good show for Bonnie and Adam as they came to visit me for a slice of pie. I’m too ashamed to tell them though.

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