I Told You, You're Mine

By: Heather C. Adams

He told me to give you this note if something ever happened to him before he got to congratulate you both. I forgot all about it until you mentioned Avery today.

It was a note written in dad’s handwriting:


First, I love you and Avery very much. We always knew you two loved each other as well. You two belong together.

Second, if you’re reading this note, you’ve finally faced it too but I’m gone and won’t be able to see it. Truth be told, we don’t know what took you both so long. You two are perfect for each other and we couldn’t be prouder to pass the torch to you both.

And Last, do not worry about what others say or think in life. All that matters is finding the love that you can’t live without. Once you find that, never let it go.



My hands fall to my side on the desk as I lean down catching my breath. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought they knew. Avery and I loved each other from the first moment we saw each other…and they knew.

“I think I’ve complicated things,” I look back up at Miss Abigail.

“Nothing’s ever too complicated when you love someone son. Whatever it is, you two can work it out. I know you two are scared, but there is no need to be. Your dad told you right there,” she pointed at my note.

“Avery is just scared, but you’re just the man to be strong for her. You stay strong Blade.” She winked at me, reached over squeezing my hand again, and warmed the room with her smile one more time before leaving.

I stay there for a few more moments soaking it all in as stray tears roll down my cheeks. I can’t help the smile that wants to rise on my lips.

They knew…they approved.

They knew that we were afraid of what others would think.

He’s telling us not to be afraid.

My heart beats faster at the realization. I can’t wait to tell Avery.


The lump in my throat appears instantaneously and I am once again reminded of the perplexing situation.

Please God…

A loud engine roars outside dad’s window, which is close to the front-drive. That has to be Archer.

I fold the note, shoving it in my back pocket, shut dad’s door behind me, and meet Archer at the front door. I open it just as he is about to knock.

“Hey man, come on in.”

“What’s up buddy? You said you needed to talk,” he smiles trying to lighten the mood. “You haven’t written me something heavy like that in a long time.”

I sigh, “Oh yeah…we gotta talk alright. You want a drink?”

“It’s a little early for a drink isn’t it,” he laughs.

I shake my head. He’s right, “not when you’ve had my life for the past few weeks,” I nod my head towards the living room and lead the way, shoving my hands in my pockets.

“Yeah, I’m sure it’s been rough without your dad. I hate that for you man,” Archer takes a seat on the chair next to the fireplace and I take a seat on the couch, propping myself on my knees.

He looks at me waiting patiently and I take a deep breath, my nerves bunching in my stomach. I tap my fingers on the wood coffee table in front of me before finally spitting it out, “Avery and I are together man.”

My eyes widen as I lift my head to see his response.

He sits there quietly for a minute making me feel like I’m going to throw up before jerking forward and clapping his hands together one hard time, “it’s about time you let that shit out bro.”

I feel my face crinkle as the confusion and the understanding sets in.

“We all know. We’ve always known.”

I’m still speechless staring at him in bewilderment.

“What?” my hands splay out in front of me.

Archer chuckles a little and continues, “yeah man, we all knew you two are hot for each other. So, you’re finally admitting it to yourselves too huh?”

A smile lifts on my face as I scoot back on the couch relaxing my body and throwing my hand through my hair.

Holy shit…everyone fucking knew.

He reads my mind and says it out loud, “Yeah…we all knew. Why do you think we all backed off?” he shrugs, “we knew she was yours.”

My chest grows hot realizing the fucking amazing brotherhood I have with these guys.

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