I Told You, You're Mine

By: Heather C. Adams

I spin around rubbing my fingers through my hair and down my face in relief. This day has just been the best clusterfuck of information I have ever received. There is nothing that can stop me now.

Chapter 9


“What are you doing here?” I fling the door open after seeing Blade in the peephole.

Blade comes flying in the door without asking and slams the door shut behind us. He's vibrating all over, staring at me.

Damn those eyes. Don’t look into them, Avery!

My body moves mountains inside at the sight of him and his closeness makes my sex clench.

No Avery! He’s a traitor! Remember!

He moves across the space between us in one hefty step, grabbing my face, pushing me up against the wall, and ravaging me with his lips. My hands start to fly all over the muscular ridges of his back and his hand starts to slide down my stomach and to the heat between my legs.

Somehow, I find the will within me to push this cheating son of a bitch away from me.

“No!” I let out breathlessly, feeling the pain of our separation.

“What!” he pants back.

“No!” I point at him still leaning on the wall. My legs were no good now, wobbling at his intensity. Thank God for this wall.

“You’re a cheating son of a bitch!” I yell.

“What! What are you talking about?” he takes a step towards me and I point at him again warning him to keep his distance.

“Don’t play dumb Blade! I know!”

That’s right Avery stay strong. You tell him.

His hands fly up in the air. He’s flustered, it’s obvious he just wants to connect our bodies again, “Know what Avery? I thought this was about a text. You broke up with me? And I’m here to get you back” His stern tone fights back.

“Well you tried to break up,” he gets his witts about him “I’m not letting you! You keep trying to run away because you’re scared, Avery. I get it I am too…but I refuse to let you go.”

He tries to come near me again and I swoop out from his vicinity and head towards the couch.

“Oh no, you don’t! I didn’t ask you to come here Blade, but if you’ve just come thinking you can keep playing your games….and you won’t even tell me the truth to my face, well then, you can get the hell out!” I almost spit I’m so mad.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he draws out his words.

“You know what? Fine! You want to play…well I won’t let you. I’m done with the game. Let’s get this over with!” I start to pace in front of him now that he’s met me at the couch.

His body is shadowing mine and won’t leave my space. My heart doesn’t want him to leave it, my sex doesn’t want him to leave it, but my mind knows better.

Here it comes…

“I spoke to her! She answered your phone that night!” I start.

“Spoke to who!?” he shoots back even more frustrated, hands moving with his feelings.

“Liza!” I blow out a huff crossing my arms over my chest as I stop in my tracks.

There! I finally said it.

“Liza?” he looks down mumbling under his breath and then his eyes widen as he meets my gaze again.

His hand lands on his forehead, “oh my god, Avery. You called that night? I saw the text-”

“Yep, sure did,” My hands slide on my hips as I cast him the nastiest look I can conjure up, “first issue,” I hold one finger up “you were even with her, second issue,” I hold up a second finger, “you ran to her when I couldn’t come with you, and third” I add a finger, “you even had the nerve to text me that you were busy as you fucked her!”

I felt so much rage boiling out of me, I won’t be surprised if my eyes turn red.

“Avery, no, no, no, no!” his hands flail. “I know how this looks but that’s not what happened,” he begins to pace now.

“I woke up upset too. It was a really hard night being the first charity I attended without dad and I drank way too much. Archer and Liza were at the benefit too and apparently, Archer had to finish a speech I couldn’t and got Liza to take me home.”

“Why on earth would he do that?” I don’t believe him, “is he in on your cheating games too? Does he cover for you?”

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