I Told You, You're Mine

By: Heather C. Adams

His hand reaches out to me, “I wondered why he did that too when I had my sanity back the next morning, but then I remembered, Archer didn’t know anything about what happened at the end of our trip with Liza. He didn’t know about us and he sure as hell didn’t know the hell Liza was causing us. If he did, he would have never had her take me home. And I was so drunk I barely knew what was going on. I remember saying your name to her and that I needed to call you and then everything went black.”

I want to believe him. What he says kind of makes sense. But it’s so…different than everything I developed in my head.

Can I believe him?

What if this is just more games.

No, it can’t be…those eyes…they tell me…

He pushes himself closer to me and my heart jumps hearing his words completely. Lord, I want to believe him. I need to believe him. All the feelings in my body twitch remembering the man I’d always known him to be…not this distorted figure I had imagined these past couple of weeks. His story made sense and his oceans captured mine piercing my soul…I know. I know he is telling the truth.

“And if I even believed that how would I know that something didn’t happen when you apparently blacked out?”

He grabbed my hand, “because I even went to Archer about her antics and he said there was no way.”

“How do you know?”

“Because she had an ablation two days before the charity.”

An ablation?

That was a medical term I was aware of because my mom had one when I was in high school. That procedure burned the uterus. She would have definitely not been cleared for any sexual activity. So, it had to be true.

They didn’t do anything. Thank God.

He took my hand and continued…”I even told Archer that we are together, Avery and that I love you.”

My heart skipped a beat, scared to death.

“You did?”

He nods, “he said he knew…they all knew,” Blade pulls a piece of paper out of his pocket and he leans in displaying it to me. It’s dad’s handwriting. I read it and tears prickle the corners of my eyes. I look over at Blade, still absorbing the gravity of all the information I just received.

“I’m yours, Avery. All Yours.”

His hands grasp my face again and this time I let them. He presses his lips into mine, connecting our bodies, the vibrations, and the love soar through me as he sucks my bottom lip into his mouth and bites gently, igniting the fire between my legs. My body thumps…one giant pulse as his love shoots through me.

His forehead rests against mine as he whispers, “You silly girl. I keep telling you, you are mine…and I’m all yours. Forever.”

He swallows the sigh of relief my body involuntarily releases as his arms move down around my waist and hoist me in the air. My arms wrap tightly around his neck as he carries me to the bed.

“I’m yours,” I whisper, “forever.”



Two months later…

I leave the pizza place I just ate at with Gage and hop in the limo. It was good to see him…been a few months. It was going to be quite the change being closer to Casey and him now. A good change. Archer and I were pretty much the only ones that stayed back in Saratoga after high school. I’d still see him too though. He and his dad did plenty of business in the city.

It was funny how intertwined all our lives were from the beginning. I was pretty sure that all of our parents huddled together years ago and decided to move to Saratoga together. They were all as inseparable as us kids were and were all pretty much an extension of the family in a way.

That’s why Avery and I were so worried about the news of us getting out. But that issue was resolved. Everyone knew already…they always had…and they accepted it. I hate that we wasted so much time killing ourselves to be apart, shaming ourselves, but that was over now. The only thing on my mind was my future with Avery. Fuck it was going to be a good one.

“We’re here sir,” my driver announces.

He exits the car and meets me at my door opening it. I stretch out of the vehicle, sliding my hands in my pockets and squinting as I look all the way up. We finally did it.

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