I Told You, You're Mine

By: Heather C. Adams

Any self-respecting New York resident would know this place. I’d read many articles about it over the years, even drove by it once just for kicks.

But why were we here?

“There must be a restaurant close or something,” I turn to him and smile questioning.

“There is,” he nods and points out the window and up to the top of the building.

Okay, apparently there’s a rooftop restaurant in this building I don’t know about.

The driver opens the door for us and we make our way into the building and to the elevator.

The shiny doors close behind us and Blade presses button 60.

“Sixty! Blade where-“

As soon as my mouth opens Blade lips are over mine swallowing my words. He pushes me against the wall, pinning me there as his hand trails down to my sex. He parts from my lips and moves down my neck and shoulders.

“Oh God, Blade! What in the world are we doing,” I let out breathlessly.

One of Blade’s hand wraps around the back of my neck as his lips caress the skin and his other hand has already slipped under my dress, finding my panties. His finger hooks inside the fabric, separating my lips as he finds the tiny bundle of nerves.

“Wet,” he growls, “you’re so fucking wet.”

I moan at the connection of our skin there.

“Come for me, Avery. I want to feel your pretty little pussy scream for me,” two of his thick fingers push inside of me causing my legs to open wider as I steady myself on the railing against the wall.

My moans fill the elevator and while I should be scared it will stop and take on more passengers, I can’t think about anything else but this man and the sensational pleasure he’s giving me.

His fingers work me like magic moving in and out, while his thumb caresses my clit. Finally, his fingers curve up and find the spot and I can’t hold it anymore.

“Right there,” I gasp.

“Right there, baby?”

“Yeah,” I whine begging him not to stop.

“Tell me, Avery,” he commands of me but I can barely concentrate. The sensation building inside of me is increasing at an exponential rate.

“Tell me you’re mine, Avery. Tell me this is always mine!”

The excitement in my body finally spills over the top and all my love comes rushing out, “I’m yours,” I yell, “I’m yours!”

As I sit there, splayed against the wall, panting, I’m grateful that his large frame is still supporting me. He pulls his fingers to his mouth and licks them clean, then he kisses me and I taste our love.

“You alright baby?”

I nod and shimmy myself off the wall smiling, still catching my breath.

The elevator dings and I steady myself just in time.

“Good…because our night is just getting started,” he grins devilishly as he walks in front of me and into a grand apartment.

“Lights on low,” I hear him command as he walks out of my vision and I just stand there for a moment, jaw hung open.

The elevator doors start to close and snap me back into the moment. I step out of the elevator and into a magnificent apartment with a vast space, fully furnished. The outer walls are floor-to-ceiling glass and the view of the city is stunning.

“Blade?” I don’t see him anymore and I begin to move over the marble floor searching. It’s dim with only a few low-lit lights here and there.

I walk through the entryway and pass by a dining room with a long hand-carved table. As I turn around I see him.

Blade is standing in front of the fireplace in the middle of a beautiful array of burning candles that make the shape of a large heart. Rose petals are scattered all over the floor and a small table sits next to him with a box on it.

“Blade what is this?”

“Move in with me Avery,” his voice is calm and his hand extends asking me to join him.

“Blade?” I say again making my way to his hand and grasping it tightly. He leads me in the heart with him and I’m so glad I didn’t wear a floor-length dress right now.

Move in with him? Here?

I look around shocked at the question. I want nothing more than to be with this man each and every day and while this is a little intimidating, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Avery,” he takes both of my hands staring deep into my soul. “From the moment I met you, I felt like the piece of me that was missing had finally been found. When you were gone, I became half of a man again, and now that I have you again, I never want to let you go.

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