I Told You, You're Mine

By: Heather C. Adams

“Oh no…no you don’t have to say anything Adam. It’s fine, we were-“

“Really?” he interrupts me, and his laugh grows nervous as my eyes widen, “well, that’s great! See, I’ve been wanting to tell you for a long time how I felt…”

I pull my hand from under his and speak over him, “no, Adam, I was going to say, we were just drunk.”

His mouth opens and then closes again, and I feel bad, but even in my hazy drunken state, there is only one man that rules my heart…even if I’m never able to have him again.

My leg vibrates, and I am willing to bet that is him finally calling.

I yank my phone out of my pocket and my heart flutters as I see his name flash on the screen.

I don’t know what I’m going to say but I am definitely answering!

“Who is it?” Adam leans over to peak and I pull my phone to my chest.

“Um, I have to take this. I’ll be right back.” I hop off of the tall chair and start for the door. I’m not going to make it outside before the call ends, so I answer on my way, “Hello…Blade?”

I clear my throat, slowing my gate and taking a deep breath.

Don’t sound so needy Avery.

“I mean…hello,” I steady my tone.

“You haven’t called me.” His voice sounds stiff and solemn. Not at all what I’m expecting.

“Hang on, I can’t hear you,” I squeeze out the front door and plant myself on the sidewalk under the awning lights.

“Avery? Where are you?”

“I’m out.”

“With who?”

I feel my face curl.

Who does he think he is? Like I need to call and report to him?

“Why? Do I have to ask your permission now?”

“You’re drunk Avery. You shouldn’t be out this late like this.”

“Really Blade? Now you’re going to parent me? What’s up with you anyway? You...” I sway a bit and catch myself on the brick wall of the building, “…are actually the one who didn’t call me!” I hear my words slur a bit.

Oh, God. I’m getting drunk. That snuck up on me.

“Avery, you should go home-“

A hand lands lightly on my shoulder, “Are you okay Avery?” Adam has come to check on me.

“Who’s that?” Blade’s voice becomes even more rigid.

“That’s Adam.” I wince as I hear how that sounds as soon as I say it, “Um, he’s a friend.”

Adam continues, “Are you sure you’re okay out here alone Avery?”

“Yeah, I’m fine Adam, I’ll be right back in okay. Just give me a second.”

He nods and anxiously walks back inside.

“Who the hell is that? What are you doing out? And why haven’t you called me today?” Blade scolds me.

“I told you I’m out with friends,” I am definitely not going to tell him how they came to pick me up off my ass because I was a balling mess.

“And yes…maybe I am a little drunk, but we’re fine.”

“I don’t like you out like this Avery.” His husky growl makes my sex clench remembering that tone as he plunged inside of me just days before.

“You know what? I’m actually mad at you I think,” I hiccup and giggle at myself.

Lord, I’m a mess.

“Mad at me?” he snorted. “I was giving you space…like you asked.”

Oh yeah, I did ask for space. I’m not sure I’m really making sense right now.

“Don’t you need to go run to Liza anyways?” I hiccup again.

“Avery,” his voice grows low, “I told you I handled her.”

“Blade, I don’t even know how we could have been so stupid to think this would work anyways. It was immature, really.”

Bile flies up my throat and spews out of my mouth onto the concrete in front of me just as I hear Bonnie’s voice meeting me outside.

“Okay,” her voice lingers as she wraps one arm around my waist and grabs my arm with the other, helping to steady me. Adam grabs me around the other side.

She notices my phone, “Who are you on the phone with?”

“Oh,” I stumble in their arms, “that’s just MY BROTHER!” I emphasize the words so he still hears, as more vomit spews out again.

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