I Told You, You're Mine

By: Heather C. Adams

“You like that Avery?”

I nod looking over my shoulder.

“I can’t hear you.”

“Yes, I like it,” I beg breathlessly, and he smacks it again.

“Are you ready?”

“Ready for wh-“

He guides his cock back inside my channel and my body is stunned in complete pleasure from the deepness this position provides. I’ve never been taken like this…from behind.

“Oh my God,” my moan is louder than I’ve ever heard myself and it shocks me, “Blade…you…feel…so…good”

He bangs inside of me over and over jerking my body every time, so much that I grab the headboard to hold myself steady.

“This is mine, Avery. This pussy is all mine. It belongs around me, “ he bangs harder and deeper, slapping our skin together and sending shards of pain and pleasure from my head to my toes, “Forever! Tell me!”

“I’m yours,” I gasp. My waves of pleasure are building again. His balls bang against my tiny bundle of nerves every time he reaches so deep inside of me and I can barely speak.

“Say it again Avery!”

“I’m yours!” and my sex begins to quiver, exploding all over him, “I’m yours,” I yell again.

“Oh fuck! That’s right squeeze me! I’m coming too baby!” He pushes in one more time, grabbing my hips so tight and holding himself as deep as possible as I milk him.

I feel him twitch and release inside of my body and I know that I am completely his…and he is completely mine. I’ve never felt so completely connected to another human like that in my entire life. Every piece of me knows now that we have to make this work.

Chapter 3


We lay in the bed, side by side, my head on his chest, while we both gather our breath again and recover from mind-blowing sex.

The silence is deafening, “You are…different” I stutter and he doesn’t say anything yet.

“The way you make me…do things.”

“Do you not like it?” he sounds a little concerned.

“No, I do. I really do. I’m just not used to it,” I rub my fingers over his pecks and abs admiring and he quietly rubs my skin as well.

“I mean, is this something …that you do…with all the women?” my cheeks flush.

He chuckles softly and I’m not sure if I should feel stupid or relieved, “no, actually. I’ve never been this way…until you. The more I’m with you the more it comes out,” he hooks his finger under my chin bringing our lips towards each other. He sucks my bottom lip and then bites it softly, “you’re mine and it just brings this hunger out of me.”

I couldn’t help the smile rising on my face.

His. I’m all his.

My chest warms at the thought. He’s right. I am…so…all his. Even more determination to work out our situation arises in me now, but for a second, I wince at the remembrance of me running away again and I feel kind of stupid. Even though I had my reasons, it was childish. I don’t know what came over me, but I’m tired of running. I mean, how many more ways can this man show me that he is here for me?

“So, we need to talk.”

“Mm, hmm. We do,” he agrees. “I wanted to before you left,” his tone sounds a bit annoyed.

“I know. I’m sorry. That was a bad move but I was just in complete shock from Liza. It was everything I had ever worried about. It scared me.”

“But running away is not helping anything. It scares the shit out of me when you do that,” his tone is warm but stern.

“I’m know…” I look down ashamed. “I’m sorry. I plan on doing better. Last night…getting drunk like that…that’s not me either.”

I scoot back on the pillow to see him better and we situate ourselves, holding hands.

“I think it’s just been a whirlwind of a few weeks. I literally went from four years of thinking we had to be separated, thinking we’d never see each other again, to cuddling in your arms traveling the country.”

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