I Told You, You're Mine

By: Heather C. Adams

“What are we doing?”

He pulled us into the small space addressing the staff at one of the desks. I sat there shocked listening to Blade direct the conversation and facilitate a payment on my lease for the rest of the year. I sat there eyes wide open, unsure of how to take the gift but he just stayed close, assuring me with his kisses, to let him do what he needed to for me. His large frame stayed in step with me in everything we did. We were an extension of each other and I felt complete when he was around.

We entered the little café I worked at, just a few blocks from my place and found a little booth next to the window. We ordered a breakfast platter to share and stared at each other with stars in our eyes as got lost in our own little world feeding each other, telling jokes, and just being us.

“So, I have an idea,” his eyes light up again.

“About what?” I query.

“I’m going to get with Casey and look for a building that can act as a satellite office for McIntosh Industries here in the city. I’ll look into seeing what it would take to operate out here.

Tingles shoot through my body in every direction and I can’t help the goofy smile that takes over me, “really?”

“Really,” he pops another bite of bacon in his mouth.

“You can just do that?”

I can’t believe he’s going to do that for me. This man. The limits he will push for me…I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to it.

He ate and spoke as if it was a nonchalant subject. If there was every any doubt in my mind, it was completely gone now. A few days ago, I didn’t know where we stood. I was unsure of what our future would hold, but something had changed in me this morning. I’d never been more certain or calm about what life with Blade McIntosh would be. I was never going to let this man go.

A knock on the window jerks my attention outwards. It’s Bonnie and Adam. I’m not that shocked to see them because they visit me here often. They were also roommates and where you saw Bonnie, you often saw Adam. My friends…they were quirky and overbearing, but they had been my friends since I moved here for college. They were mine and I was there’s.

Bonnie rounds the corner through the entrance and lands at our booth sliding in the seat next to me while Adam stands nervously at the edge.

“Sit down,” Blade directs, and Adam follows.

“Well don’t you look happy today! Girl I knew you were having boy problems,” she grabs a grape off the plate and shoves it in her mouth, not skipping a beat.

My eyes widen going straight to Blade who seems cool as a cucumber. Well, this is it…our first outing…facing the music. Bonnie will for sure put this together.

Here goes…

“So, who’s the lucky guy?” she holds her hand out waiting for Blade to shake it.

“Blade McIntosh,” he flashes his dimples shaking her hand.

“Nice to mee-, wait! Blade?” her eyes widen, “Blade? Avery’s brother? Blade…who got us a ride home?”

I wince at the tone of her voice waiting for a lashing of embarrassment or worse.

“Step brother,” Blade emphasizes with smile, “and lover.”

The smirk that takes over my face feels so naughty but I can’t help it. There it damn went. He let it out.

Bonnie quits chewing for a minute, her face becoming blank as she processes it. She’s putting it together. I don’t have to say a thing. She’s remembering all the stories about a nameless past love I shared over the years, and she sees the way Blade and I are sitting with each other, touching each other.

She starts to chew again, a smile growing wider, as she shakes her head, “You go boy! It’s about time you got your woman! I knew there was something between you guys but this one,” she pointed at me winking, “is…very…secretive,” she grabs another grape. “Mmm,” she crosses her arms over the table looking around, “I just love this little place.”

My chest flushes and the butterflies in my stomach rumble. We passed the test. It happened. And it wasn’t even that bad.

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