Italian Billionaire's Black Love

By: Mya Black

BWWM Pregnancy Romance

Chapter One

“Carla there’s no way on God’s green earth I’m ever letting you set me up again.” Eve had a smile on her full lips to soften the sting of her words.

Carla’s laugh echoed through the restaurant and other patrons turned in their direction. “Come on, girl, you can’t hold Terrence against me. How was I supposed to know he was into,” she leaned over the table so no one else could hear and whispered, “baby stuff.”

Eve felt her skin heat with the flush of embarrassment. “Calling it ‘baby stuff’ is kind of an understatement, Carla. The guy was wearing a diaper and asked me to go to the bathroom with him to change him.” She sat back and took a sip of her Chablis.

“Yeah, but he was hot. I bet the sex would’ve been off the charts.”

Eve narrowed her eyes at her friend. “The only time I plan to have sex with someone in diapers is when I’m in diapers.” The women looked at each other for a moment before bursting into laughter. She loved her best friend, she truly did, but she had the worst taste in men. Not that Eve had such great taste, either; she’d chosen the worst men possible. An abuser, a scam artist, and an aspiring actor were among those on the list.

“You can’t stay single forever, Eve.”

She arched one perfect copper eyebrow at her friend. “And why not? Is there a law somewhere saying I have to be part of a couple?”

Carla took in a deep breath and let out her frustration before she spoke. “No, but be honest Eve. You’re not going to be single forever. Are you?”

She shrugged. “Maybe. I don’t know. I have rechargeable batteries to take care of my needs, and honestly, I’m too busy to deal with what one has to deal with when it comes to men.” She was definitely too busy. She’d just opened up her fifth hair salon, this one in Beverly Hills, and she barely had time to sleep. She needed to hire a manager for the new location and approve plans for the sixth location in Diamond Bar. A man would bitch about not being her top priority, about her not making dinner every night, and about her utilitarian approach to sex. She definitely didn’t need the headache right now.

“Well, a hair salon isn’t gonna keep you warm at night, is it?” Carla knew her friend had gone through some bad relationships and had witnessed too many horrible ones in her childhood, but she had her life together now and a good man would only add to it. She stared pensively at her beautiful friend. She had long copper waves that she, despite owning a half dozen hair salons, always wore in a bun she called a chignon. Her eyes were an amber color like honey, flecked with gold so it was easy to get lost in them and her lips were oddly symmetrical and kissable. She’d seen both men and women hit on her petite friend and they were all shot down with that same forked tongue and sharp wit.

“A hair salon will pay the bills so I can stay warm at night. Besides, who needs warmth when you have four hundred thread count sheets?” Her laugh was flippant because she was tired of this conversation even though she knew Carla was just trying to help.

Drink finished, Carla summoned the waiter for another bottle of wine and smiled. “I love you, Eve, I really do. But I hope your batteries die on you at the most inopportune moment.” She stuck her tongue out and laughed just as the waiter approached.

Eve frowned. “You bite your tongue, Carla! That’s an awful thing to say to the woman who does your hair.” She raised a challenging eyebrow at her friend, daring her to respond to that.

Carla sat back with her arms crossed. “Hairdressers in L.A. are a dime a dozen,” she shrugged, but it was uneasy. “Besides, I’m hoping you’ll be too busy with Alessandro to do my hair.” Her smile was big and bright, making it hard for Eve to get upset.

She shook her head again. “Nope. No way. You say he’s a real estate developer and I hear ‘slum lord.’” She refilled both glasses as she continued, “Besides, how did you meet an alleged billionaire?”

This made Carla grin, and she went on to explain how she was supposed to be meeting a client to show him the office building she thought would be perfect for his new business.. “Alessandro owns the building and he just so happened to be there making sure all the recent repairs were done correctly.”

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