Jameson Fox

By: Nina Levine

His eyes twinkle. “I bet I would.”


Jodie, thank you for all your work on Jameson & Adeline. You gave me strength when I needed it, and belief too, when I needed that. And God, did I need that in the final hours. I couldn’t write books without you. Let’s hope there’s no pacing on Owen.

Rose, thank you, thank you, thank you for always working with my hectic schedule. I’m sorry I’m a last-minute girl. But man, you always come through for me and I am so appreciative.

To my author friends who kept me going on this one: Kim, Leesa, and Fiona. I love you girls. Thank you.

To my beautiful readers: thank you for still being here. Many of you have been with me for 8 years. Some of you have just found me. I am so grateful for every one of you. I hope you loved Jameson & Adeline as much as I do.

To my amazing reviewers and bloggers: thank you!!! I am so very grateful for everything you do to help me get the word out about my books.

To my friends and family who I haven’t seen for weeks: I love you and adore you for supporting me and knowing I need these weeks each book to disappear and write.

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