Jameson Fox

By: Nina Levine

He’s right that she’s driven, but I’m not convinced he’s right about the rest. After all, I was the recipient of her violent emotions when I took her company from her five years ago. I’ve seen her in action. Adeline is not the kind of woman who easily controls herself when she’s worked up about something. She’s wild and hot-headed. The only reason I entered into this marriage with her is the legal contract she’s bound by. And the fact I know she’d do anything to regain control of the company she started, that I now own.

My attention is drawn from our conversation when I hear the elevator opening out in the foyer.

Stepping out of my office, I close the distance between it and the foyer. When my gaze lands on the man I think of like a father, I say to Hudson, “I have to go.”

As we end the call, Bill turns to face me. His eyes narrow as he takes me in. Bill is a shrewd man and I have no doubt he’s running through multiple scenarios in his mind right now. He’s been skeptical of my marriage to Adeline from the moment I announced our engagement. The past three months have been ninety days of non-stop effort to convince him otherwise. I’m far from surprised to see him here.

He looks down the hallway before his eyes meet mine again. “Adeline’s asleep already?”

My lips quirk, amused by the dance he’s insisting on doing with me over this. “It was a long day for her.”

His brows arch in his signature way that indicates his disbelief. “It’s her wedding night, son. I’m surprised to find you here alone.”

I open my mouth to reply when Adeline’s voice floats down the hall. “Bill, what a lovely surprise.”

My eyes are glued to her as she makes her way into the great room.

Gone are the white pajamas.

In their place is a scrap of sexy red material that barely covers anything it should.

Her long brunette hair hangs in loose curls that draw my eyes to her breasts and then down the curves of her body to those legs that are permanently etched into my memory. Hell, I’ve looked at them often enough over the last few months that I have muscle memory when it comes to running my eyes over them.

When she reaches me, she slides her arm around my waist and leans into me, curling her other hand around my neck.

Pulling my mouth down to hers, she kisses me.

It’s not a deep kiss or a particularly long one, but it’s sexy as hell with the way she’s positioned her body next to mine and with the way she’s got her hands on me.

Fuck if it doesn’t get me hard, but then a kiss like this after three months of no sex will get any man hard.

I slide my hand down over her ass, letting it settle there as she ends the kiss.

Looking at Bill, she says, “As much as I always love seeing you, I hope you’re not staying long.” Her hand comes to my chest. “I’ve got plans for Jameson and they involve him not leaving our bed for the rest of the night.”

Bill’s eyes narrow on me again before shifting to Adeline. “I was under the impression you were asleep.”

She traces her fingers over my chest as if she’s doing it absentmindedly. Smiling up at me, she says, “I kind of was. My husband wore me out.” Then, glancing back at Bill, she says, “Between you and me, he’s got skills that ruin me in all the good ways.”

Adeline’s a smart woman and I make a note never to underestimate her. She’s studied Bill and knows him well enough to know he doesn’t believe a couple’s sex life should be discussed with others. She knows he won’t spend long here now because of what she just said.

“Right,” Bill says, “I just wanted to stop by and congratulate you both again.” He gives Adeline one of his rare smiles. “You’ve made an old man very happy today. I’ve watched Jameson lose himself to his work over the last decade and I don’t want him to make the same mistakes I did. I want him to grow old with you instead of with his work.”

Adeline presses herself harder against me. “I want that too, Bill,” she says softly, and so fucking convincingly that even I’d believe it if I didn’t know better.

Bill smiles again and nods once. “Safe travels tomorrow. I’ll see you when you return home.”

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