Lucky Girl (Lucky Alphas Book 2)

By: Mallory Crowe

“That’s a fantastic idea, Dad. At least it is as long as we assume they don’t want to arrest me too.”

“But why would they want to arrest you?” asked Harper’s mother in the high-pitched voice that Harper simultaneously loved and that could grate on her at the worst times.

“I don’t know why they’d want to arrest me, Mom. But I also don’t know why they arrested my friend, and that didn’t stop them from doing it.”

“So what do you want from us?” asked her father gruffly. He’d never been one to tolerate crazy in his life, and considering what Harper had put him through growing up, it was no wonder all of his hair had fallen out.

At one point, he’d been a fairly attractive man. Her friends on the cheerleading squad had affectionately referred to him as a FILF—Father they’d Like to Fuck. But the years had been catching up to him lately, though his daily mall walking kept him in decent enough shape.

“I just want to know if the police are looking for me.” Harper started to push herself up. If she wasn’t on the department’s radar, then maybe she could bail Lucas out without any trouble. But she wasn’t about to walk right into the station while her wanted poster was hanging on the wall.

“Maybe we should cancel our trip.” Irene wrung her hands in front of her.

Harper stopped in her tracks. “Wait, what trip?”

“You’re not the only one who goes jet-setting around the country without telling anyone,” muttered Russell.

The room suddenly got cold with the amount of shade her father was throwing in her direction. “Hey, I travel for a living. Sometimes it’s just not interesting enough to talk about. You two haven’t left this town in decades.”

“That’s an exaggeration!” said Irene.

“Maybe, but not much of one and you know it. So why now?”

Her parents glanced at each other and made eye contact. Harper immediately tensed. They were about to lie to her. Why the hell would they be lying to her about vacation plans?

“Well,” Irene said carefully, showing just how unnatural lying was to her, “we have been saving up, and don’t we deserve a chance to get out and see the world?”

Yes, they did in fact deserve that, but why would they lie about it?

“That’s really exciting,” said Harper with fake enthusiasm. “Where are you going to go?”

“Bahamas. We’re leaving out of Florida in four days. And we trust you’re not going to do anything between now and then that’s going to make us miss it,” said Russell with a threatening tone.

“I see your concern is really killing you.”

“Sweetie, if I let my concern for you get in the way of my daily life, I’d never get a wink of sleep.”

Well, damn, she couldn’t argue with him on that front. She glanced between her parents and tried to figure out what was going on. But there just wasn’t enough time for her to deal with someone trying to get Wade in prison, Lucas being arrested, and her parents’ sudden deception. “Okay,” she said finally, “I’m going to check on my friend, but we’re going to talk about this some more later.”

Harper approached the police station carefully. No, carefully wasn’t the right word. She approached it paranoidly—circling the place three times, stopping every other turn to make sure no one was following her.

She had to get a hold of herself. If the cops were looking for her, there’d be no reason that they wouldn’t ask her parents where she was. It wasn’t as if she had a terrible relationship with them. Anyone from town who knew her would tell the cops that her parents were the best way to get a hold of her.

No, whatever was happening had to be Lucas-focused, at least for now. Finally she built up the courage and parked her bike out front. She hung her helmet up and stuck her gloves into the pocket of her leather jacket. She was close enough to the front door that if she had to make a quick exit, she’d be able to just get up on her bike and ride.

She pushed a few loose strands of her hair behind her ears. Her natural curls were pulled into a low ponytail to allow her helmet to fit right, but it always looked a mess after she rode. She might look badass while she was riding it, but as soon as she took the helmet off, she looked a lot more like Miss Frizzle.

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