Lucky Girl (Lucky Alphas Book 2)

By: Mallory Crowe

“Trust me, I know very little about Harper Sloan. I know that she was born and raised in Birdsville, Ohio. Her mom and dad are still local, and now she works as a corporate headhunter.”

“What does that mean? Why did you say it funny?”

“How many corporate headhunters do you know who don’t have any social media accounts?”

Wade was severely overestimating the number of corporate headhunters Lucas knew. But he could understand that they’d want to know as many people as possible, and social media was the best way to do that. “So you can’t give me anything?”

“I don’t see what the problem is. If she wants you to give her information about her, just do it.”

“Just save me time and tell me what I need to know. This isn’t what you hired me for.”

There was a short pause on the other end. “I can’t do that.”

Lucas’s grip on the phone tightened until he heard cracking. He lightened up before he broke anything. “You’re kidding, right?”

“Trust me, I’m not the type to kid around. I can tell you where she went to school and who her parents are, but I don’t know much about Harper. Besides, if she knows you got the information from me, she’s not going to be impressed.”

“It’s not my job to impress her.” Lucas bit down on the inside of his cheek to keep himself contained. He had to remember that not only was this his boss, but he was one of the most powerful men in the country. Wade wouldn’t be a good man to upset. “I want more money.”

“You’re not getting it.”

“You hired me to find out who is after you. I can do that without this girl. If you want me to be a bodyguard, that’s extra money.”

“I hired you because you came highly recommended. But I assume you know that every single person who recommended you also warned me that you’re a loose cannon and I’d be lucky if you finish the job. I took a chance on you. I’m a risk-taker, and you’re the risk. I don’t like it when my gambles don’t pay off.”

“You know this bluff only works if I don’t have fifteen other jobs lined up right now of rich people just waiting to throw their money at me?”

“Then go take their money. Until then, stop bitching to me.” And just like that, Wade had hung up.

Lucas cursed under his breath as he pulled up his voicemail. Nope, there sure as hell weren’t any customers who’d called. There was nobody lined up to throw their money at him. When Wade had hired him for this job, it had been just the break he needed. Easy money for him to keep his business running and a roof over his head.

He was such a fucking idiot. Easy money. By now he should’ve known that there was no such thing.

The hard truth was, he needed this job. And unfortunately, he also needed Harper to help him because that was a requirement of his boss.

Fuck it. He could handle this. If Harper wanted him to dig up some dirt on her, then he’d dig up dirt on her.

He already knew a few bits of information he could use. Her full name, Harper Sloan, which Wade had provided, and the fact that her hometown was Birdsville.

He opened up his laptop and entered her name into the search engine. Nothing useful. There were too many Harper Sloans that came up, and none of them were her.

Fair enough. He hadn’t thought this would be easy. He entered in Harper Sloan Birdsville in the search bar, and that got him a bit further. The articles didn’t tell him much, but when he switched it to image search, Harper’s face stared back at him.

A much younger Harper with a bright smile on her face. She stood on what looked like a football field, in full gear, with her arms around some other players, with a giant trophy in front of them.

He clicked on the picture and opened the page. It was an archived local news article. “LUCKY LIONS WIN BIG” read the headline. Some sort of state championship, it looked like. More interesting was that the article had a few paragraphs dedicated specifically to Harper.

Apparently she was the first woman ever on the team and had raised quite a fuss to get there. Though, considering the win, putting her on the team was a good call. And judging from the grass stains on her uniform, she wasn’t just a benchwarmer either.

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