Moving On (Cape Falls, 5)

By: Sam Crescent

Walking past them, he felt all four men follow him. Cutting through the path he saw it was secluded, and he sensed they’d make a move. None of them was a match for him no matter what they thought.

Peter spun around to face them, taking them by surprise.

“You shouldn’t come near Rose again,” Brad said.

“And you’re going to stop me?” Peter folded his arms.

Brad’s three friends held back.

“Yeah, I am.” Brad lunged at him, and Peter grabbed the man, pushing him up against the hard brick wall.

“I don’t know, and I don’t really give a shit, who you are. Don’t threaten me, and don’t go telling Rose’s parents. I may be a lot of things, Brad, but I know how to fuck you up and your friends.” He leaned in close to the guy’s ear. “And guess what? I’ve got friends, too.”

He shoved the little prick back to his friends. “Back off.”

Leaving the scene, Peter didn’t feel better. He was worried about Rose. The town of Cape Falls may be having changes, but the people were still stuck in the past.


Rose saw Brad and his friends enter the library. They were not good men, but Brad came from a good, wealthy family and everyone put up with him. He scared her, as did the others in his group. Licking her lips, she grabbed the cart of books and made her way around the library putting more books on shelves. Her job was not exciting, and she knew Laura, Dean’s wife, had once been in her position.

They were two women who were going to end up very differently. She made her way into one of the rooms and started putting books back into the medical section. After a few minutes she started to relax. She loved her lunch with Peter, even if he had broken her heart. He’d pretty much made it clear there was no chance for him and her to ever be together. It was incredibly stupid of her to think anything could change.

Peter was totally out of her league, and she’d never have a shot with him. She jumped at the sound of the door to the room closed and locked. Turning to face the door she saw Brad with his three friends. The blinds in the room were closed. No one could enter or see what was going on.

“What’s the matter?” she asked. Her pulse jumped like crazy inside her chest. She’d heard many rumours about these four men. A lot of gossip surrounded them with no proof to back it up.

The three men stood separate from one another as Brad moved in closer. She watched him, terrified. Rose had noticed his gaze on her whenever she was in town. He made her skin crawl, and it took every ounce of willpower not to flinch away from him.

“Your parents don’t know Peter visits here, do they?”

She glanced at him and then at the three men. Their arms were folded, and smirks were on their face. Her heart raced. Cape Falls was a shitty town, but the rumours about these men were the worst. She heard they preyed on women, raped them, but they always had an alibi. The women left Cape Falls or ended up in some accident. She hated it and hated them.

“No, he sits in a room and reads. There’s nothing else to it. He has a right to visit the library as well.”

Brad laughed. “He’s fucking scum, Rose. You shouldn’t allow him near you or to touch you.”

He reached out to stroke her face, and she flinched away. Brad paused with his hand mid-air.

His friends laughed. She stayed still as Brad stroked her cheek. “I don’t want you eating with him again. I’ll be here from now on. You stay away from him.”

“Why?” she asked.

Rose bit her lip as he grabbed both her arms and hauled her up close to his body.

“Because I’ll tell your parents and then there will be nowhere for you to turn.” Brad lowered his head, and Rose turned her face in time. His lips brushed against her cheek.

“Remember, I’ll be around, Rose.”

She didn’t like the sound of his voice. He scared her so much.

Brad held her in his arms, and she kept her gaze on his chest not wanting to look into his eyes.

Please leave. Please leave. Please leave.

She repeated the words to stop herself from screaming them out. Soon they left the room. Rose watched them leave and took a deep breath. They were scary men, and she didn’t want to have to be alone with them ever again.

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