Mr Blackwell:Teacher Student Romance

By: S K Quinn

‘Me too,’ says Baz, putting his elbows onto his knees. ‘She was good. But fucking high maintenance.’

I raise an eyebrow. ‘You had sex with her too?’

‘You’re not jealous are you?’ Baz asks. ‘Don’t get your heart broken son. She’s not worth it.’

‘She won’t break my heart.’

Ria struts towards us still in her underwear. She sits on my lap and whispers in my ear, ‘I’ll be naked later. In my trailer.’

‘You go ahead and enjoy yourself honey,’ says Baz. ‘Just don’t break him. We’ve got a big scene coming up.’

Ria giggles. ‘I think he might break me.’


An hour later, I knock on Ria’s trailer door.

‘Come in,’ she calls.

I do.

Inside, Ria is completely naked, lying on a white leather sofa. She has the same body as every other actress in LA. Gleaming, tanned skin. Huge fake breasts. A toned, tight stomach.

I close and lock the door behind me.

This should be every teenage boy’s dream. My body is happy enough. But I feel empty inside.

I go to Ria, placing a firm hand on her breast and stroking down along the curves of her body. When my hand falls between her legs, she lets out a moan.

‘That’s right,’ she says. ‘Move it just like that. Up and down.’

I watch Ria’s head drop back and her eyes close.

She moans louder.

I roll her onto her stomach and place my hands on her round, tanned buttocks.

‘Not yet,’ Ria calls out, lifting her knee so the curve of her buttock moves nearer my face. She takes my hand and sucks my finger, her big, brown eyes fixed on mine. ‘How much do you want me?’

‘I want you.’

Ria moves away from me and sits on the sofa, her beautiful breasts high and round.

She looks down at her naked body, smiling. Then she cups her breast with one hand and squeezes it.

She makes seductive eyes at me. ‘That feels good. Don’t you want to touch me?’

I step forward, but she wriggles back, waving a finger. ‘Oh no, not yet.’ She opens her legs again. ‘Not until you make me come.’

I put my hand back between her legs, but she shakes her head.

‘Not your hand. Your mouth.’

I drop to my knees and put my tongue where she wants it.

‘You are good at that,’ says Ria, dropping her head back again. ‘Oh yes. YES. YES, YES, YES!’

She comes.

I rip off my shirt and climb on top of her naked body, feeling her large breasts against my chest.

I plunge inside her, picking up a leg so I can go deep.

‘Oh. Oh!’ Ria screams, her eyes tight shut. ‘Oh YES!’

I move against her over and over again, barely hearing her screams of pleasure as I get nearer to my own.

I feel Ria’s leg wrap around me, and she whispers something in my ear.

It doesn’t register at first – I’m too close to coming.

I pound into her a few more times, come, then collapse on her naked body.

It’s only as I’m lying on top of her that I realise what she just said.

‘Marc. I think I love you.’


I scan the set for Baz.

Where the fuck is he?

Eventually, I find him having fake wounds removed by a pretty, young makeup girl.

‘Baz, can I talk to you?’ I ask.

Baz must hear the seriousness in my voice, because he brushes the makeup girl’s hand away and says, ‘Sorry love. Give us a minute would you?’

‘But—’ She makes big, sad eyes.

‘Casey. Sweetheart.’ Baz favours her with his chipped-tooth smile. ‘I’ll come find you later okay baby?’

She raises a questioning eyebrow. ‘Promise?’

‘I don’t do promises. But I’ll try.’

Casey trudges off, throwing Baz a mournful look.

‘Isn’t she a little young for you?’ I ask.

‘You’re gonna tell me about age appropriate? The sixteen-year-old fucking his on-screen mother?’

‘About that …’

‘Uh oh.’ Baz slings a big arm around my shoulder. ‘Told you it would all end in tears. Come on kid. Let’s get you a drink.’


Half an hour later, Baz and I are perched on bar stools in an English-themed pub called, ‘Dog’s Bollocks’.

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