Mr Blackwell:Teacher Student Romance

By: S K Quinn

‘What if I hurt you?’

‘Don’t worry,’ she laughs. ‘I like to be hurt.’

‘You like being hurt?’

‘Yes. Pick up that candle.’

I step back from the bed. ‘Listen. Cassandra. I’m not going to burn you.’

‘All you have to do is drop the hot wax on my thighs. Okay? It won’t burn. Just sting a little. Come on. Play the game.’

I look at the candle. She’s right – a few drops of wax won’t burn. I tip the candle so white wax drips onto her thighs.

‘Oh,’ she moans, thrashing against the ropes. ‘You can fuck me now. Do it hard. And grab my throat.’

I put the candle down. There’s sweat on my forehead and my whole body is red hot.

‘Not without a condom.’

‘In the drawer,’ she whispers.

The next moment, I’m plunging inside her, watching her thrash against the ropes.

At first, I feel in control. Totally in control. And it’s the best feeling in the world. I am in charge of this. I am in CONTROL.

Cassandra is bound to the bed, unable to tease or tempt me.

I pull out of her and run my hands up her arms, feeling the rope at her wrists.

Then I push her dress up further, my hands finding her breasts.

When I plunge back inside, her face softens in pleasure.

I love this feeling. I love taking charge. And she likes it too. I feel like I’ve discovered something more precious than gold.

‘How did you know?’ I gasp, moving inside her. ‘How did you know what I wanted?’

‘I … told you,’ she murmurs. ‘You get used to … spotting the types. I can’t put it into words. You’ll spot women like me … in time.’

I keep moving, loving Cassandra softening beneath me. Yielding to me and letting go.

But just as I’m about to come, everything changes.

I’m losing control now and I hate it. My body moves without me wanting to and I can barely stop myself.


I see Cassandra’s eyes close and hear her moan as she comes. I can’t hold back. I move and move and then I come too, in a haze of sweat and adrenalin.

I fall onto her, breathing fast and feeling like a trapped animal.

I can’t believe I just fucked a woman tied to a bed. And enjoyed it. …

And when I came … I was so out of control … what if I’d hurt her?

I have to get out of here.

I head to the ensuite, throwing the condom down the toilet.

Splashing cold water on my face, I stare in the mirror.

‘Marc?’ Cassandra calls.

Christ, I need to untie her. I can’t just leave her there. But then I hear her feet touch the bedroom floor. She must have some way to untie herself.

I stare at my face, breathing fast.

‘Give me a minute,’ I say, feeling very young all of a sudden. A frightened little boy who played with fire.

I see Cassandra in the mirror.

She puts arms over my shoulders.

‘It can be hard the first time,’ she says. ‘A lot to deal with.’

‘First and last time,’ I tell her, slipping away.

‘No,’ she whispers. ‘It won’t be your last. You’ll be back.’

‘I should go.’ I head into the bedroom, dressing quickly.

‘You were good,’ says Cassandra, following me and rubbing her wrists. ‘More than good. A natural. What are you worrying about? I enjoyed it.’

‘I can’t explain.’

‘You just need to practise.’

‘No.’ The word is fierce. ‘That’s the last thing I need to do. I should go home and forget all about this.’

‘That would be a shame,’ says Cassandra. ‘Given what you have to offer.’

‘I have nothing to offer. I’m a monster.’

Cassandra laughs. ‘No you’re not. You just like doing things a certain way. And as long as the woman likes it too, what’s the problem?’

‘When you come from a family like mine, everything.’ I throw on my jacket and head to the door. When I reach it, I turn. ‘You’ll be okay? On your own?’

Cassandra lies down on the bed and props herself on her elbow. ‘Always have been.’

‘You don’t want me to stay with you?’


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