Mr. Lawson

By: Kimmy Love


My job as a private investigator is always interesting but the moment that Spencer Lawson walked into my office was the moment things became even more intriguing than usual.

Mr. Lawson was not like my typical clients. He was smart, attractive and clearly very wealthy.

He was the type of client I was willing to be “unprofessional” for, if you know what I mean.

Only problem was, he was coming to me to get help with finding his missing wife. Which made me wonder, why come to me instead of going to the police?

But then, after doing some digging, I discovered why...


“What’s wrong?”

Tayla Hunt was sitting with her best friend Emma having lunch. The two of them were lucky enough to work in offices only five minutes away from one another, so they met up as often as they could for lunch. Sometimes it was the only exciting thing that happened to Tayla in a day. The time before and after always seemed to drag.

“What do you mean? Nothing’s wrong.” Tayla took a bite of her sandwich and sighed dramatically. Of course, Emma knew her well enough to know when something was on her mind.

“Oh really?” Emma said, laughing. “Then why do you look like you have the entire world sitting on your incredibly small shoulders?”

“My shoulders are small?”

“Oh, come on, Tayla, everything about you is small. Except your personality, of course. That’s larger than life.”

It was true. Tayla was tiny. She wasn’t just short, but also petite, and from afar, it was easy to mistake her for a child. She didn’t even bother with high heels most of the time because instead of making her look taller, they just made it seem as if she was playing dress up in her mother’s clothes. It wasn’t her fault. Both her parents were short. She hadn’t even had a chance. But she’d long ago learned to embrace it. Her height suited her, and anyway, there was nothing that she could do to change it – so why bother?

“And before you say anything – it’s a compliment,” Emma continued.

She laughed. “Thanks, Em. And nothing is wrong. I mean, I really have nothing to actually complain about, and I know I’m being overly dramatic. It’s just… well, I’m bored.” Tayla felt slightly guilty saying that. She knew that there were worse things in the world than being bored, and she should be lucky with the life that she had. But she was talking to Emma, her best friend, and it was easy to just be completely honest and selfish with her.

“You’re bored?” Emma asked.

“Yeah. Bored, bored, bored. Oh, and did I say bored?” she said.

“But I thought you had landed your dream job? I’ll be honest, I still think that it’s a bit of an odd thing for someone to want to become a private investigator, but let’s face it – you are odd.” Emma laughed as if she’d just told the funniest joke. “But you know what, Tayla? You wanted it and you got it. Which is more than most people can say. I’ve always been so proud of you for going after your dreams. I knew that work was slow but I didn’t know you were this bored,” Emma said.

“I am. I didn’t really say anything because I thought that it would get better. I figured they had only given me the boring jobs because I was new to it. But I’ve been there for almost two years now, and I swear, it’s only getting worse. And let’s be honest, it’s not as if the world has suddenly become all sunshine and roses. There’s stuff happening out there, and I want to be the one to find it. I feel like I’m missing out on all the good stuff. I don’t know – maybe it’s because nobody really hires a private investigator any more. Or, you know, maybe it’s because I’m a woman.”

Emma gasped at that. She was all into how women had just the same amount of rights as men. Which Tayla agreed with, of course. But Emma always took a stand for it. She always took it personally, even when it had nothing to do with her.

“Tayla! Don’t you dare say things like that. You know how I feel about woman putting themselves down because of their gender. It should be the other way around. People should be hiring you because you are a woman. And anyway, do you really think it’s that?”

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