Niccolaio Andretti

By: Parker S. Huntington

(The Five Syndicates Book 2)


Niccolaio Andretti

Asshole. Douchebag. Jerk.

Those are all valid descriptions of me, especially since fleeing from Andretti territory. Angry with the turn my life has taken, I prefer the silence and loneliness of my house. Not only is it the safest place for me after my brother placed a hit on me, it is also my sanctuary--my place to get away from the bullshit that is people. Until she comes along--angry, demanding and so damn hot. I hate her immediately.

Minka Reynolds

Bitch. Tramp. Slut.

I've heard it all before. It doesn't bother me. I have more important things to deal with--like graduating from Wilton; taking care of my little sister; and yes, finding the next guy to pay for it all. If I have to sleep around for it? So be it. If I have to lose the dwindling tethers of my sanity every day? So be it. Nothing fazes me. Until he comes along--angry, demanding and so damn hot. I hate him immediately.

Minka Reynolds has never been liked, but she doesn't care. Struggling to earn custody of her little sister, she is on a mission to gain the only things that will get her there--money, a home, and a stable career. Unfortunately, she has none of those three, but she's close. It's just within reach... until she meets Niccolaio Andretti, the former heir to the Andretti mafia family, and everything she thinks is right becomes wrong.

NOTE: This is book 2 in a series and must be read in order. This book has a HEA with no cheating and abuse! There are some graphic sexual situations, language and violence, so please read with caution.

Author’s Note!

Dear Readers,

Firstly, if you’re starting this book but have not read Asher Black, I recommend that you do so. There’s very minimal recapping done, so as not to impede the story’s progress. Either way, this novel can also be read as a standalone, so if you don’t feel like it, happy reading! At the same time, there will be references to Asher Black that may be spoilers and confusing to those who haven’t read it!

That said, I know some of you will hate me for this book. At first, I hated myself for choosing Minka as a love interest for Niccolaio, too. But despite how uncaring Minka is and how mysterious and brooding (and cranky) Niccolaio is, I feel like they both experience pain the same way. Minka’s pain cuts her just as deeply as Niccolaio’s pain does him, and when I realized that… well, I knew they had to be together.

In fact, that was the lesson I learned whilst writing their love story—everyone is similar in their ability to feel pain. That girl you know in school? The one that wears the expensive clothes and has all the handsome boys wrapped around her finger? She’s capable of feeling the same pain you do. That guy at work? The one rising up the ranks in the office and seems to have it all? He, too, is capable of feeling pain.

Some people wear their masks better than others. You just never know when someone is hurting. Some people, and this is so wrong and flawed, wear masks of cruelty. And while it is 100% wrong, it’s yet another way pain perpetuates suffering among its victims. Because it doesn’t feel good to be mean, and that is something Minka knows all too well.

So, readers, as you sift your way through Minka and Niccolaio’s story, I hope these messages impart themselves upon you. Actually, I know they will, because I have the kindest, most empathetic readers out there!

And I love you all for it.




Remember back in 2001 when Winona Ryder shoplifted from a department store, and the whole world descended upon her like a pack of hungry vultures, ready and eager to cut into her? Except, instead of literally tearing her apart, people did so in judgment after judgment after judgment.

She made a mistake. It was wrong. She knew it. You knew it. Everyone knew it. And after years and years without scandal, people have finally forgiven her. After all, everyone deserves a second chance.

Well… That’s not the case for illegal downloaders. Because, you guys, the big man downstairs remembers that shit. In fact, he thrives on it. You may know him as Satan, Beelzebub, or El Diablo. But down in the underworld? They call him… The Pirate Muncher.

You may be scoffing at his name, but trust me, you don’t want to face his wrath.

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