Overnight Wife

By: Penny Wylder

And he’s so damn hot.

There was more, I know that. Some kind of red room, lined in silk… a lot of cheering, balloons maybe? Or confetti? I don’t know. The next thing I remember is stumbling up to John’s room, by coincidence in the same hotel where Lea and I were staying, albeit definitely not on the budget floor where we booked. When he opens the door, I actually gasp aloud.

The penthouse is huge. There’s a jacuzzi in it, and a living room and kitchen connected to an even larger bedroom, with a comically huge bed. I barely have time to take it all in before John kisses me, and this time he doesn’t let up. I wrap my arms around his neck and arch up into him, my hips digging into him the way they did earlier when we danced.

His lips part mine, his tongue slips between my lips, and I lose myself in his taste, the feel of his hands gripping my hips, pulling me closer to him.

He hoists me up, and I wrap my legs around his waist, my pussy pressed right against his belt buckle, so I can feel the size of his hard cock as he walks me toward the bedroom. With every step, I can feel myself shifting against him, getting wetter, hotter, as he deepens the kiss.

A little voice in my head wants to second guess this. But it’s been so long since I hooked up with anyone, so long since I let loose and had some fun. This is Vegas, after all. This is what you’re supposed to do. So even though part of me wonders if I should be doing this, a bigger part yells shut up.

After all, tomorrow starts a new phase in my life. Tomorrow, my world is going to change. So tonight, I’m allowed to have a little fun, dammit.

At least, that’s what I tell myself. But it gets easier to stop worrying when John drops me on the bed, and pins me in place with one arm, kissing me again before he leans back to spear me with a heated glance. “Spread your legs,” he orders, and the man does not have to tell me twice.

I spread my legs as wide as they’ll go, and shiver with anticipation as he kneels at the edge of the bed and peels my panties off. When his hot lips touch the inside of my thigh and he starts to kiss his way up the sensitive skin, there’s not a shred of doubt left in my body.

I can let myself have this one night of fun. Tomorrow, everything will be different.



I groan. My mouth feels like there’s a gasoline soaked rag stuffed inside, and behind my eyes, there’s a headache throbbing in full force. I reach up to fling an arm across my forehead, but the movement only makes the throbbing worse. Not to mention, the motion sends a wave of nausea through my body, and my stomach clenches, roiling from the simple movement. “Dear God, why,” I groan, forgetting where I am. Wanting nothing more than to make the aching stop.

“Take this,” murmurs an unfamiliar voice. One that immediately makes me slide my arm up off my eyes and crack my eyelids with worry.

Oh. Right. I forgot about him.

John sits on the edge of the bed, a knowing smirk on his face as he presses a glass of water and a couple of pills into my palm. I squint at them suspiciously until he chuckles. “Relax. It’s just Advil.”

I decide if he was going to drug me… well, he probably would’ve done that last night. Not that he needed to—I was all about the hookup. Flashes of it come back to me, and my cheeks burn from the memories. I have a fuzzy memory of riding him, my bra still on, screaming his name as he urged me to ride his fat cock, I believe were the words.

Blushing, I stuff the pills into my mouth and swallow them with several gulps of water. On second thought, I wind up draining the entire glass. Better safe than sorry.

Then I pass it back to him, wincing as another onslaught of memories reminds me how I knelt in front of him on all fours begging for his cock in my mouth. Or how he spanked me when he was fucking me from behind…

Damn. I’ve always had a lot of kinky fantasies, but I’ve never felt comfortable enough to actually act them out with anybody. Maybe because I’d never met John before and I knew nothing serious would ever come of our hookup—not to mention the fact that I’ll never see him again after today—I was able to let go and be less inhibited.

Either way, it was a damn good night, I know that much. But it’s also, in retrospect, very embarrassing. I can’t wait to slip out of here and find Lea, join her for coffee and swap conquest stories over brunch.

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