Owning Her Innocence

By: Alexa Riley

Never in my life had I been this affected by someone. Sure, every man has had the occasional woman call him “daddy” in the heat of the moment, but never had I wanted to embrace that role fulltime. Haley’s purity wasn’t just sexual, it’s her whole sheltered existence. She wasn’t just naive about sex and her body, but about life. I didn’t want Haley to be my child, I wanted to be the man who showed her the world. I wanted her to grow into a woman with me. My own selfish needs are what drove me. I wanted to do everything to her. Give everything to her. Make her need only me. My sexual desires were dark and I should feel guilty about how long I’ve wanted her—but I didn’t. I wanted to be the one to raise Haley now that she was of age. I wanted to be the one she begged for cock from. I wanted her to beg me for cum, for release, for breath, for life. The power was so thick in the air I could feel it.

I shaved Haley meticulously, enjoying her little tremors. Being extra delicate when I shaved back towards her tiny pink asshole. She didn’t have much hair anywhere down there, but I planned on being in this pussy more than she planned on blinking. Might as well make my passage a little faster.

“Slide over a bit, baby girl, and I’ll rise you off.”

I stood up and rinsed her, I looked at her whole body, loving every inch of it.

“My god, Haley, you are so beautiful.”

She lowered her head and I can see her blush creep over her cheeks. I lifted her chin and made her look at me.

“I want you to look in my eyes when I tell you this. I will never lie to you. I won’t ever tell you something I don’t mean. You are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m a lucky man to be allowed to touch you. Your body is perfect. Every curve, every inch, I want to consume.”

She smiled at me like I was her personal god and it built my ego even higher.

I finished rinsing her pussy in the sink and played a little with her clit before pulling her off the counter. She was standing before me completely bare, with little drops of water clinging to her pussy lips. I was only so strong.

I dropped to my knees and pushed her bottom back against the counter.

“Daddy,” Haley whispered and I knew she was blushing. My shy little girl was back and it made me feel 10 feet tall. I felt like a beast, and that lack of control had my cock continuing to weep in my pants. I glanced up at her and gave her a half smile.

“Daddy needs one more taste. I need my little girl’s kitty juice on my face while we relax.”

“Okay,” she whispered. Again with that goddamn whisper.

I pushed her thighs apart and she thrusted her hips forward just an inch. She knew what was about to happen was going to feel good, but she was embarrassed by how much she wanted it.

“Push that kitty into Daddy’s mouth, Haley. Let me see how much you want it.”

With a little moan she spread her legs a bit farther and arched her back to get that sweet cunt closer to my face. I died at the sight of her horny pussy dripping with cream.

I ran my hands up her thick thighs and round stomach. Haley is round everywhere and I couldn’t get enough. She had a little roll at the bottom of her belly and I bit it as my hands made their way to her tits. They overflowed in my large palms and I kept tonguing her belly while I rolled her nipples in my fingers. Her hips began to thrust in the air rhythmically, trying to get off without anything touching her down there. My little girl was so greedy.

I lowered my head and began to suck on her puffy pink pussy lips. I drew the whole of one side into my mouth and let it out with a pop. I did the same to the other side, and fuck me, I saw the cream running down her legs. Her virgin pussy was just flowing with juices that I couldn’t wait to lick up.

I continued to squeeze her huge tits and pulled on her nipples while I moved to her clit to suckle for a bit. I wanted so badly to sink my fingers into her pussy just to see how tight she was, but I’ve already decided the first thing going in her tight virgin cunt was my cock. I wanted my dick to break her hymen and I wanted her pussy curved to the shape of it, because it’ll be the first thing it ever knew.

I was losing control as I began to devour her, drinking in her juices and licking where they’d spilled down her leg. I ate her like she was my last meal and got her pussy all over my face. I ran my nose up her center and rolled my cheeks up her cunt lips. I loved the excited little gasps she gave when my stubble grazed her clit.

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