Owning Her Innocence

By: Alexa Riley

Today I completed the fantasy and marked what was mine. I unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants. I pulled down my boxer briefs just enough to let the monster out of the cage. This beast was too wild to let loose on her just yet.

I straddled her stomach and knelt up, positioning myself above those perfect tits. I licked my palm and stroked myself hard in a punishing rhythm. I looked into her sweet face and at that moment she licked her fucking lips. It was like she was sending me a sign and telling me to mark her as mine. To claim her virgin pussy for whatever my dick desired.

I beat my cock harder as pre-cum wept onto her chest. This was no gentle jerkoff session, this was an angry stroking for all those years I couldn’t touch her. I looked at her sweet lips and I swear I could hear her say Daddy in that shy voice. I could almost see that pink tongue licking out, begging for a drop of what only Daddy’s dick could give her.

I came with a heavy grunt all over her nipples while my hips kept thrusting like a rutting animal trying to mate. I even ran the tip of my dick around her areola, rubbing out the last of my orgasm against her skin, not wanting her to miss a drop.

My pact with the devil was complete. I climbed off my beautiful little girl and stuffed my still rock-hard cock back in my pants. I smiled as I tied the blindfold on Haley and left the room. She was finally mine.

Setting my tumbler on the low table beside me, I knew it was time to wake Haley. I’d been checking on her every hour since I brought her to my home. Now it was time to explain our new relationship. Daddy William needs his little girl.

I opened the door to my bedroom and I can feel right away that Haley is awake. She is lying on my bed, tied and completely naked. I can practically see her heart beating from across the room. I can see that her breathing is rapid and she’s trying to keep calm. My sweet little girl is so brave.


She stiffens for just a moment before responding.

“Da…W-William. Is that you?”

It breaks my fucking heart that I made her stop calling me Daddy William, but it was for her own good. For both of us, really.

“Yes, Haley. It’s Daddy William.”

I can see her cum-covered nipples tighten when she hears my voice. Her huge tits don’t belong on an 18-year-old and they always had nipples that pointed straight at me any time I spoke to her. They were like beacons of sin and sex, taunting me. Now, laid out before me with my jizz covering those sweet mounds, I can’t help but put my hand over my pants-covered dick and feel how hard it still is.

“Daddy William, I’m scared. Why am I tied up, and blindfolded…and…and naked.”

I walk closer to the bed and sit down beside her. I reach down and stroke her arm lightly.

“Shhh. It’s okay, little Haley. I tied you up so you wouldn’t hurt yourself, and I blindfolded you so that you would get some sleep. Stay calm, and I’ll untie you. Okay?”

She nodded her head and I began to loosen the soft ribbons around her wrists and ankles. I rubbed her arms and legs lightly as I went, to ease some circulation and blood flow back into her limbs. Her arms went directly to her breasts to try to cover up. Her gorgeous tits were impossible to corral and I smiled at her efforts.

“Now be a good girl for Daddy William and I’ll remove the blindfold.”

I slipped the blindfold off and saw her scared little eyes blink at the lamp light.

“Where am I, Daddy William? What’s going on?”

“Here, Haley. Drink some water and I’ll explain.”

I handed her the glass of water I’d set on the bedside table along with some ibuprofen that she took without question. I pet her soft brown hair, wrapping one of her curls around my fingers, then releasing it to watch it bounce. God, I loved her fucking hair. I always wanted to bury my hands in it.

Watching her drink the water, I could smell her skin and how sweet it was. Hours ago, at the party, when I had her caged like an animal, I couldn’t help but take a taste of her. She smelled like cinnamon and tasted like innocence. I’m never going to be able to eat French toast without getting a fucking hard-on.

“You’ve always been Daddy’s good girl, Haley,” I said as I placed the glass back on the table.

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