Scarred Beauty

By: Sam Crescent

Imperfection, 1

Chapter One

Isaac Welch watched as he fucked the nameless woman in front of him. He’d been out all night partying, and he’d picked up some random bird and was now screwing her brains out. His friend, Clark Welland, had his cock inside her mouth while Isaac fucked her pussy.

The woman was a blonde, her name meaningless, as she was just another woman looking to score a rich husband. He’d seen the cheap design of her clothing and the way she responded to every man at the club, which was known for the rich clientele. For as long as he could remember women had been coming onto him in the hopes of stealing him away.

The rich husband, the beautiful trophy wife and the lifestyle to go with it. Through the drunken haze Isaac felt himself begin to lose his erection. He spent most of his time working or fucking a faceless woman, and he was bored of it all. Bored of the same old dirty sex, the same old arguments with the board.

Clark held her hair as he slammed into her mouth. Not bothering to try to regain his hard-on, Isaac pulled out of her body. She moaned in protest, but his friend kept her busy. Isaac made his way to the bathroom and looked at his reflection in the mirror.

At forty years old he’d maintained a great deal of his youth. He had minimal lines around his eyes and mouth, and his hair was still the same jet black it had been as a boy. The eyes were the only difference. He saw the years of heartache and pain where once he’d been young, filled with the promise of sweet fairy tales. Now he held the bitter reality of what life was like. He knew what the real world had to offer. He knew the type of people who filled his life, and he hated every single aspect of his own life.

The sound of the woman’s screams reached him, which could only mean Clark had finished her off.

What had Isaac lost along the way? At forty years old he should be in the prime of his life with a wife and some kids. Instead, he ran a successful business, had several women he fucked on a regular basis, and nothing else. He refused to speak to his family, even though it had been over twenty years since he had last spoken to them. How could he speak to the man who’d left his first wife and son for a gold-digging whore?

He fisted his hands at his sides as the old anger rose to the surface. The pain and humiliation had been too much to bear. Seeing his mother wilt under the scandal of being replaced still struck him down. The man he’d become had begun that night his father, Thomas, had come home and kicked his mother out. He’d told Isaac he was to stay, but he refused. On that night he’d vowed to make his father pay. In twenty years he’d been the creator of one of the most successful businesses in the world. Money was no longer a problem. His mother, Tina, lived in luxury and never had to worry about finding work. The life he led was perfect. Except something was missing. He didn’t know what was missing, but he knew it was there.

The sound of the door being slammed interrupted his thoughts. Seconds later Clark stood in the doorway, naked and sweating. They’d long got over being naked in front of each other.

“You missed a fine fuck. What happened?” Clark asked.

Isaac shrugged. He had no idea. Women were a dime a dozen to him. He could have anyone at anytime.

“I think I’m sick of this shit. It doesn’t matter what woman we have, by the end of the night she’ll be screaming as she orgasms. I’m tired of it. They all want the same thing,” Isaac said.

“What is the problem with that? Every night we can have a different woman. You’re over-thinking it. Wherever we go, there are women falling over their feet to get in our beds.”

“And into our bank balance. Don’t forget most of these want money and nothing else.”

“So? We’ve got the money to give them some, and at least we still get free pussy at our ages.”

Closing his eyes as the dull throb of a migraine began, Isaac tried to think past everything Clark was saying.

“I’ve got to go,” Isaac said. Opening his eyes, he walked out of the bathroom, not bothering to look at his friend. He grabbed his clothes putting them on as best as he could.

“Whatever. You’ll give me a call later to make sure you got back safely. I don’t want your death on my conscience.”

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