Scarred Beauty

By: Sam Crescent

Isaac didn’t know what was worse, the suggestion his brother had made or the fact he was considering it.

Shaking his head in denial, he said, “The whole thing is ludicrous and unfair. You shouldn’t be doing this to a woman you care about.”

“It is because I care that I’m asking the only person who I feel I can trust. There is no one else in this world that I know besides ex-abusers like me. You’re older. You’ll care.”

That was where he was wrong. Isaac felt like he didn’t care for much anymore.

“You are asking me to go and take care of, maybe even touch, a girl who’s younger than I and never had an experience with men. Is she some kind of sainted virgin?”

Brad fumbled in his pocket, and Isaac saw the other man pull out his wallet. “This is the girl you’re mocking. She’s the one who pulled me out of the gutter when she was seventeen. She’s my best friend. No one wants to date her because of that scar on her face. You can’t see it properly because she wears her hair down one side of her face most times.”

Isaac took the wallet and stared at the photo. One side of her face was covered, but the other side he saw the beauty in her features. Her hair was a luscious blonde. The shot was only of the head, and he couldn’t get a good view of the rest of her body. To him, she looked incredibly beautiful. He felt a pull inside him to know more about her. The feelings the single shot provoked within him surprised him. No woman had ever made him feel so possessive or in need to know more about a person.

“How do you intend to set up something like this?” he asked.

“Let me deal with that. Are you in?”

Taking another look down at the picture in his hand, Isaac knew in his gut turning Brad down was the wrong thing to do. He wanted to know Noelle even for just a night. Getting away from being Isaac Welch would make for an interesting few hours.

“I’ll do it.” He handed the wallet back and listened as Brad talked about the arrangements.

Chapter Four

The days passed, and Noelle felt lonelier than ever before. Brad spent a great deal of time out of the apartment. Winter was taking its grip on the city, which meant her outings were become few and far between. The dark nights were usually her favourite time of the day. She could take long walks and never have to worry about the stares and sniggers of men, women, and children.

Her painting grew more fierce and passionate as she began to crave the unknown more and more. She found herself searching the internet looking for an outlet, trying to find something or someone to see past her deformity. The desperation inside her was more than she could stand.

All she wanted was to feel close to someone. She sat by the window looking out at the cold and frosty city one morning. The sun was rising up, and in the first few moments she imagined her reflection in the window. For only a few minutes she would look at her face. The scar would dominate one side while the other would be as pale and clear as could be. Two sides to a coin. She had two different faces. The light burst out, and her reflection was gone. And she had not looked at it. A tear escaped from her eye. She rubbed the salty tear away as she heard Brad moving around. He would make a scene and stay at home if he knew her thought process.

“Morning, honey. Did you sleep well?” he asked the moment he came out of his room. She nodded her head and continued to watch the day go by. “Your dad phoned the other day. Said he left a message for you to call back.”

She nodded her head without making a single sound. In three weeks’ time her dad would be phoning constantly. In three weeks’ time it would be eleven years since the car accident which had rendered her a mess. She’d been in the hospital for months, the pain of the surgery excruciating.

Her face wasn’t the only part that still had the scars. Other parts of her body held small white lines from the collision.

Every year without fail her dad would try to get her to visit him and the family, and for the past two years she’d refused.

She felt Brad move up close behind her. He reached out and stroked her hair back from her head. “Tell me what’s going on in that mind of yours?” he asked.

“Nothing. Just thinking thoughts.”

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