Surrogate For The Billionaire

By: Tyra Small

 A BWWM Pregnancy Romance

Can she carry his baby?

A complete and heartfelt romance, brought to you by Tyra Small of the respected BWWM Club.

Being a CEO and owner of a large company, Bryce doesn't have time for dating.

So when his urges tell him he wants a child to one day take over his empire, he decides to do what he does best:

Throw money at the situation.

When he places an ad for a surrogate mother, he expects a purely business relationship that will end in the child he wants.

What he gets instead is Lateisha, a beautiful and smart woman who could just be the girl he's willing to make time for.

Spending more and more time together, soon feelings start to grow and these feelings are revealed.

But with Lateisha convinced she's not ready for a child of her own, and outside forces doing what they can to ensure the two don't fall into a real relationship, can this business agreement realistically turn into the family that dreams are made of?

Or will the two cut ties and part ways once their contract is up?

Find out in this emotional yet sexy romance by Tyra Small of BWWM Club.

Suitable for over 18s strictly, as contain scenes of a hot and sexual nature. ;)

Chapter 1

Lateisha Aaron handed the woman in her car waiting outside of the drive through window her bag. Her greasy bag filled with nasty food. She didn’t think it was nasty before, when she started working here several months ago after graduation, she used to eat this food. Seeing it every day for the last three months made her want to vomit at the idea of ingesting it. Not that she was turned off from all fast food, she loved Wendy’s, but anything from the place she worked made her stomach turn. Tugging at the hair net covering her tight black curls, Lateisha moved back to the fryer to prepare the next bag for the next customer at the window. Frowning, she dumped the fries into a cardboard cup and placed them into a paper bag. Lateisha snorted, she never thought she would end up serving fast food after obtaining her Bachelor’s degree. Sighing, she passed the bag through the window and moved towards the back again. Her mother told her to go into nursing because ‘every time she checks the paper someone is looking for a nurse’. Well then why the hell didn’t anyone hire her? Biding her time at this craphole until she could find something more suitable, something she would actually enjoy, was making her crazy. It wasn’t like she wasn’t offered jobs. But who wants to clean bedpans for the elderly for three years before they get to actually do some real nursing? Her friend Becky, who she met in nursing school, found a job at the local hospital in the ER. Becky assured her that dumping bedpans was part of the job and every nurse, new or seasoned, had to do it, but Lateisha just couldn’t stand the idea. Instead, she was flipping nasty burgers and frying greasy fries. Bedpans didn’t look too bad some days, especially when she had to clean the fryers.

With a shiver of revulsion, Lateisha realized tonight was her night and almost quit on the spot, but she needed the money. She glanced at the clock, ten more minutes to her lunch break. The idea of taking a minute to sit and regroup in the break room seemed great right about now. Working six days a week in fast food was grueling and exhausting. The ten minutes flew by and Lateisha practically ran to the break room. Snatching her lunch bag from the fridge, she reclined in one of the four chairs surrounding a small round table in the corner of the small room. She pulled her phone from her purse to text Becky and realized she had an email with new job listings from the career website she had uploaded her resume to recently. She opened the email and scrolled through the jobs, vetoing each in her head as she went; too far, not enough pay, etc. Her eyes fell on an ad that seemed peculiar on a career website; Surrogate Wanted. Lateisha laughed out loud. Who listed an ad for a surrogate on a job website? Deciding to look it over anyway, just for shits and giggles, Lateisha opened the ad.

Surrogate wanted. Must be over 18, preferably single with no children, non smoker with a clean bill of health. I’m offering $30,000 to carry a baby for me. I will pay all doctor bills and living expenses, etc during the time you are pregnant. If you are interested please contact me by email at [email protected]

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