Surrogate For The Billionaire

By: Tyra Small

“Ready to get started?” The doctor asked, snapping Lateisha from her thoughts.

She nodded.

“Great! I’ll just do a physical of sorts and then have the nurse come in and take some blood.”

Ten minutes later, Lateisha was stepping into the bathroom with a little cup. After that was over the doctor told her it would take three days for her results and they would get back to her.

“I can assure you I am not pregnant,” Lateisha said laughing as she and Bryce walked out of the office.

He laughed, the sexiest sound she ever heard, “I believe you, but I would like to have all of the paperwork in order so there isn’t any issues with the lawyers later.”

Lateisha mulled that over for a minute. Did he suspect she would change her mind and try to take the baby from him? Before she could think further into it she decided to set him straight.

“Don’t worry. I don’t want children so there’s no fear that I will try to keep the baby,” she said, stopping at the curb to turn to him before moving on to the bus stop.

Bryce nodded again, his look pensive. He looked sexy when he was thinking. Lateisha wanted to smack the thought right out of her own head. She repeated the phrase, just a business deal, three times over in her head to clear any thoughts of a relationship with him before turning back to wave goodbye.

“I’m going to catch the bus now. I’ll be in touch once the doctor calls with my test results.” She turned to walk down the street to the nearest bus stop.

Bryce grabbed her arm, “You don’t have to take the bus. I can drop you at home if you’d like.”

Lateisha shook her head. “It’s alright. I’m used to taking the bus. My old Toyota has been in the shop a lot lately.”

 Bryce frowned again but she waved off his worry. “I’ll be fine. Talk to you soon,” she shouted, practically running down the street before he could change her mind. Spending anymore time alone with him at this point would be a bad idea.


Three days later, Lateisha received the call from the doctor’s office. She had a clean bill of health and was obviously not pregnant. Now all she had to do was call Bryce. With a rapidly beating heart, which she brushed off as nerves related to the surrogacy, Lateisha dialed the number on the business card he gave her.

“Mr. Henderson’s office.” Fuck. It was the snooty blond bitch of an assistant.

“Hi,” Lateisha began, ignoring the woman’s haughty tone, “May I speak to Mr. Henderson. Tell him it’s Lateisha Aaron.”

“And what may I tell him this is in reference to, Ms. Aaron?” She asked, saying Lateisha’s name as if it left a bad taste in her mouth.

Lateisha sighed. “He’ll know,” She said with irritation.

The woman made an unladylike harrumph, and put Lateisha on hold. Bitch, Lateisha thought, strumming her fingers on the kitchen table as she waited for Bryce to pick up the phone.

“Lateisha?” Bryce breathed into the phone and Lateisha gasped.

He said her name as if he had been waiting to hear from her for days; almost as if he missed her. No, who was she kidding. He was Mr. Prim and Proper Billionaire and she was a fast food employee with barely a dime to her name. The desperation she was detecting in his tone must have come from his want for a child.

“Yes. I heard from the doctor and all is good. I told them to fax you the reports so you could see for yourself.”

She heard Bryce release a breath. “Great. I’d like to meet with you tonight, if you aren’t busy, to sign the contracts. I can meet for dinner downtown if you are free.”

Nerves assailed Lateisha at the thought of dinner with Bryce. It wasn’t a date though, but a business dinner. Another wave of nerves assaulted her stomach when she realized she couldn’t possibly have anything appropriate to wear to a dinner with him. He would pick a fancy and expensive restaurant, she was sure of that. With little money to get her car fixed let alone go shopping, Lateisha was going to have to resort to borrowing something from Becky. She padded down the hall and knocked on the door gently. Becky was on night shift this week and even thought it was about two p.m., she was still asleep, especially since her shift didn’t start until six.

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