Take My Dare

By: J. Kenner

“Mrs. Steele, it will be my pleasure.”

Chapter Three

I’m simply dressed in a T-shirt and skirt, and now I sit on the edge of the bed to peel the skirt off, then just shift sideways, still half dressed. As I do, I get a rare glimpse of my ankles, so swollen I can’t help but wince even though they don’t hurt.

“Lie back,” Jackson says. “I believe I promised you a foot massage.”

He also promised me sex, but right at the moment, I want both pretty much equally. So I’m more than willing to settle back, close my eyes, and lose myself in the sensual bliss of being utterly pampered.

And blissful it is.

His touch is gentle but firm as he massages the soles of my feet, and it feels so good I actually whimper when he stops so that he can move his hands up and gently rub my swollen ankles. He does that for a while, and I expect him to stop, slide up my body, and kiss me.

Apparently Jackson has other plans.

Instead of stopping, he continues on by stroking my calves, the pressure rhythmic but firm, and I feel waves of tension leave my body as I pretty much turn to jelly. “That’s so nice,” I say, my voice sounding far away and sleepy. But he doesn’t answer. Instead, he gently tugs my legs apart and presses his lips to the soft skin of my right inner thigh, even while he gently strokes the left with the pad of his thumb.

He teases me, the tip of his tongue grazing lightly over my leg as he moves higher and higher, his hands on my thighs keeping me still despite the fact that I want to writhe with pleasure and anticipation. “Jackson!” I cry as he moves higher—as he’s so very close, and I’m so very turned on. He says nothing in response, but his fingertip teases the edge of my panties, and I’m so turned on—so ready—that I gasp, then bite my lower lip, wanting his touch and yet so on fire that I’m not sure I’ll be able to survive when he touches me more intimately.

“Jackson, please,” I murmur, not sure if I’m begging him to stop or continue. It doesn’t matter. He is relentless, and he runs the tip of his tongue between my thigh and pantyline even as he tugs the crotch of my underwear to the side, and I feel the rush of cool air mixed with his breath, and it’s such a wonderfully decadent feeling that I almost go over right then.

I hear his murmur of satisfaction, and then I gasp and arch up as his mouth closes over me, his tongue teasing my clit, the pressure so right and perfect—and my body so damn primed and sensitive—that I can’t hold it in any longer. Electricity shoots all the way through me, firing my skin, reducing me to ash as I shake and tremble and explode—all the while crying out the name of the man I love.

Jackson held his breath, overwhelmed by the way Sylvia shattered in his arms, still awed by the knowledge that she was so completely his, and not just because of a wedding ring. And not even because of a child.

No, they were bound together by something stronger. Something primal.

Love. The real thing. The deepest, purest kind. And passion, too.

Together, they made a damn potent combination.

He grinned, thinking once again how lucky he was.

Beside him, Sylvia stretched. “Amazing.” She practically purred, and the pleasure he took from seeing her satisfaction was just as powerful as if he’d orgasmed himself. “I’m completely limp. I think you destroyed me.”

He chuckled. “Just so long as the destruction doesn’t last.”

“Mmm.” She scooted closer, then bit her lower lip as she reached down to stroke his cock. He stiffened, and she looked up at him, her lids heavy. “Do you want—”

He hushed her with a gentle kiss. “I want to curl up next to my wife. I want to feel the press of your body against mine. And I want to hold you close while you fall asleep.”

He could tell she wanted to protest on principle, but the exhaustion in her eyes stopped the words from coming. With a yawn, she rolled over, groaning a little as she moved with far less grace than usual. He didn’t mention that, though. While he might be amazed and awed by every change in her, some things he’d learned to just keep quiet about.

After a moment, she was settled against the huge pillow she’d been using since about her fifth month.

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