Teaching The Boss

By: Mallory Crowe

And that was about the only thing they had in common. Between his love of partying and her love of curling up with a good book, the similar jobs and mutual attraction were the only things they had going for them. “How about you? I heard you switched restaurants.”

His eyes narrowed as his smile disappeared. “You’re here because you need a reservation.”

April’s mouth dropped. “N-no. Jessica and I—”

“Just happened to be having lunch at three thirty in the afternoon at a place that’s a half hour cab ride from the office. What is Hunt having you do now?”

“Nothing! Like I said, I was having lunch and wanted to say hi. And, you know, Sam happens to be flying back to the States tonight and, since you brought it up, I’m sure he’d love to unwind someplace with such a sterling reputation for great food and atmosphere.” She tried to put her most charming smile on, but Jonathan continued to glare down at her.

Flattery. This conversation definitely needed more flattery. “I heard that a Texas congressman stopped by and actually said the steak was the best he’d ever had. And that the model who scored the Armani campaign was actually considering suing because she ate so much.”

It was obvious he tried to keep his stern expression, but his mouth ticked up at the mention of the model. “No one’s called any lawyers.” The smirk reached both corners. “She just threatened to very loudly.”

April laughed at the images of a tiny sixteen-year-old raising hell in a gourmet kitchen that flashed through her mind. “So, help a girl out? Please?”

He sighed and took a sip of his coffee that probably had three shots’ worth of espresso buried under layers of sugar and cream. “So you’re still Hunt’s lapdog?”

“I’m his assistant. Lapdog is in the job description.”

“Being good at your job is one thing. But being obsessed with a man who is only thinking about the next party or girl he’s going to bang isn’t healthy.”

April tightened her lips. Jonathan never saw Sam as anything more than a playboy, and it had been one of their constant points of contention. He didn’t see the hours of hard work and dedication Sam put into his company, so the more she defended him to Jonathan, the more upset he would get. “I’m not obsessed with anyone. He can bang whoever he wants and it’s none of my business. It is my business to make sure he has a damn good dinner before the banging commences.”

In truth, there might’ve been a time she was infatuated with Sam, but that was long behind her. Sure, she laughed at all his jokes no matter how corny, and every touch still sent a tingle through her, but that was the price of working with an attractive man.

“April, you can’t come to me whenever you need a last-minute reservation. Especially not for that douche.”

She hung her head; defeat set in. What restaurant could she possibly get last-minute reservations for that would impress Sam’s new girlfriend? Inspiration struck her like lightning. “You can leak it.”

He took another drink. “Hunt eats locally all the time. There’s no story there.”

“He has a new French girlfriend. She’s a twenty-one-year-old model, so she’s already aging out of the industry. I’m sure she’d love the attention.” Probably love the attention. April knew nothing about Oksana, aside from how amazing she looked in a bikini thanks to a quick internet search. “Good press for her, good press for La Plaque. It’s a win-win.”

“If he finds out that you had a part in the press crashing his dinner, you might get into a lot of trouble.”

April snorted. “Please. It would take a lot more than that to get me fired. So, reservations for eight thirty?”

Jonathan looked her up and down. “Well played, April. You let me know if his plane gets delayed. I’ll make sure they get a premium table by lots of windows.”

She was sure her grin went from ear to ear. She’d scored Sam a reservation to one of the hottest restaurants in town. This was going to be a good week.

April took one more glance around Sam’s office. He should be there any moment, and she wanted everything set up perfectly. The cleaning crew made sure the second monitor on the handcrafted mahogany desk was wiped down. Three different colored pens and highlighters sat on the left side of where his laptop would go, and one lone pencil on the right.

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