Teaching The Boss

By: Mallory Crowe

Simon arched a red brow. “That’s not how the good senator tells it.”

“That’s the problem! He’s running around every media outlet he can find, apologizing for cheating on his wife with me, and I only met the guy that one time in the elevator. I am an event planner for a very elite clientele, Mr. West. No one will hire me if they think I’m going to boink their husbands. I need to clear my name.”

He carefully looked her up and down. “I’m no public relations expert.”

Her confidence was bolstered when he didn’t immediately shoot her down again. She took a small step closer. “I know. But I’ve heard about you. You’re talked about in all circles and your instinct for reading people is practically legendary.”

His mouth ticked up at the flattery. “Funny, I thought most people thought I was a prick.”

“Oh, they totally do. But a prick they admire and respect. People, especially powerful ones, don’t want anyone to be able to see in their heads, but they need you. Mr. West—Simon—I need you. This man is destroying my reputation and my business. I’ve already been dropped by two clients this week. If I don’t move fast, I’m going to be closing doors within the month.” She held her breath as she waited for his features to soften even the slightest bit.

“Ms. Bell, I admit you’ve found yourself in a tight situation, but unfortunately I’m not taking on new clients.”

She opened her mouth to protest, but he continued. “And to be honest, you probably couldn’t afford my fee anyway. Good luck with your problem.” And just like that, any chance she had of putting her life back together turned his back on her and continued down the busy street.

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