Teapots & Treachery

By: Donna K. Weaver

“And that brings me to you, young man.” Alan sat down again. “Shelby’s project is going to require a lot of remodeling and perhaps some new buildings. I’m hoping I can convince you to work for me.”

“What about the island?” Shelby asked, biting down a smile.

“I’m sure Wade’s company has someone else they can send.”

“Does the travel bother you?” Shelby asked. “We don’t have to take it.”

Wade looked from her to her father. “I’d love to work for you, sir.”

“Excellent.” Alan leaned back in his chair. “Now, when we were in that bunker, I was in and out of it. But I could have sworn that I heard you ask my daughter to marry you.”

“I did, sir.” Wade reached over for Shelby’s hand, and she took it.

Alan turned to her. “And what did you say?”

“While you were in surgery,” Wade interrupted, “I promised her that I’d talk to you first.”

“You want my blessing, Shel?” Alan asked.

“I’ve spent too much of my life with a messed-up family,” she said. “I want us all on the same page.”

Alan nodded to Wade, who slid from his chair onto one knee.

“Did you two plan this together?” The image of the two of them doing that made Shelby happy, and she blinked against the sudden burning in her eyes.

“Kind of.” He smiled. “He grilled me and talked to my family. You should have seen him. He’s totally charmed my mother.” Wade brought her fingers to his lips and gave them a light kiss. “Shelby, will you marry me?”

She looked at her father. “Well, Charles Alan Bradley Grantham?”

“You have my blessings,” he said.

“Good thing, Dad, because I’d have married him anyway.”

“Don’t I just know it.” Her father chuckled as Shelby leaned forward and pressed her lips to Wade’s.

The End

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