The Arrangement

By: P.G. Van

Is that because he was capable of upsetting her life or because she would not have the strength to fight her desire for him? How could she feel anything for him when she had known him for only a month?

Niha picked up the coffee mug with a lot of hesitation and walked up to the office, hoping there would be no such encounter as in her dream. She was thankful that he was on a phone call as she quietly stepped into the room.

“I need that report sent to me in the next thirty minutes,” he ordered into the phone and hit mute to look up at her, smiling. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” she said, happy about the casual tone he maintained.

“Is this what you ‘cooked’ for me?” he asked, making her jittery.

What the heck?

She shook her head. “Ratnamma made you the coffee.”

In her frenzy to get away from him, she turned abruptly making her long braid swing behind her. She let out a gasp and turned when she heard a loud crash. She was horrified at the sight in front of her and watched in shock as Mahen picked up his laptop to save it from the glass of water she had knocked off.

“Oh shit… I’m so sorry.” She reached for the box of tissues on the table and frantically dabbed the water off the table.

Mahen hit unmute on the phone and said, “I need to drop off this call. Send me that report.”

“Mahen, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to…” she stuttered and let out a low gasp when Mahen pulled his t-shirt over his head to wipe down his laptop, blowing on the wet keyboard.

Niha’s eyes fell on his ripped chest, the kind that would develop with hard labor and not from spending hours in the gym. The muscles looked indestructible under tanned skin and the thin trail of hair that pointed south. She followed the path taking it to the V at his waist, her eyes moving lazily to the waistband of his shorts like she could not stop herself.

She was jolted out of her state of pure lust when she heard fingers snap in front of her eyes. She looked up to lock eyes with dark brown ones that stared at her with a questioning look.

“What are you looking at?”

“Umm… I’ sorry, I was checking if I spilled water anywhere else.” Her reasoning for gawking at him was purely surprise as she had not expected a man who worked behind a desk to be so well built.

“If you’re done staring at me, can you have someone come mop the floor?” He sounded annoyed, and she didn’t blame him.

“I can… I can take care of it.” She fell to her knees in front of him and started dabbing the water with the thin tissues. There was so much water, it wasn’t helping, but she didn’t want to look up and face him. “Can you go into another room?”

“No,” he barked, making her look up at him, slowly standing up, his eyes searing her. “I’m working from home because you set my office building on fire and now you want me to go work in a different room? Clean up.”

“Okay.” She turned swiftly in her excitement to get away and felt her braid sweep against something again. This time she decided not to stop, but it was too late. She felt the tug on her braid before she could take another step.

“Stop hitting things.”

“What?” She pressed her hand to her head where she felt the pressure from him tugging on her braid.

“Pay attention,” he said tugging on her braid one more time before letting it go. She nodded and left the room without turning to look at him.

His eyes followed her as she scrambled out of the room, but something about her manner amused and intrigued him. Her gaze made him hot, and it took a lot of resolve to make her break her serious perusal of his body. He groaned when he felt the throbbing between his legs. The woman was a complete mess and an annoyance, but there was no denying that she had the most beautiful eyes and the sexiest body he had ever seen.

Mahen started to get tighter and harder thinking about how those beautiful eyes drank in every inch of his chest. He cursed under his breath when he realized the more he thought about the incident, the more aroused he was becoming, and he had to think about other things so as not to get any harder.

What is it about the woman that gets him so aroused from just her gawking at him?

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