The Baby Maker's Club

By: Penny Wylder

I watch as his hand comes down and he catches the strings of our wetness in his palm. I’m not sure why at first until I feel his slick finger at my asshole. He’s using it as lube. I take a deep breath as he slides his finger into my ass. It might’ve been uncomfortable had I not been so turned on, but right now, I welcome the new sensation.

There’s nothing clinical about the way he’s fucking me. Sure, we’re here to make a baby, so getting fucked isn’t a surprise, but I expected we’d have a quickie, probably missionary position, and be done with it. Ass play and going down on me were all for fun. I’m definitely getting my money’s worth.

When a second finger enters my ass, I can’t hold on anymore. His cock is stretching me to my limit, and his fingers in my ass make me feel so completely full. I’m not a saint, I’ve had my fair share of lovers, so how is it possible I’ve never been this thoroughly possessed before? I’m realizing I’ve never been properly fucked until today. My third orgasm starts somewhere deep inside my core, radiating through my limbs until my entire body is quaking. I’m unable to speak, to breathe, to make a sound as it tears through me. I’m no longer in control of anything, not my thoughts, or my body. I’m giving myself over completely to this nameless man. Right now, he owns me.

Just as I think I’m about to come down from it, there’s an aftershock and I’m moaning and crying out, and rotating my hips, as his body slams into mine one last time.

His fingers slide out of my asshole and with both hands he holds my hips tight against him so I can’t move. I can feel my insides being coated in his warm cum, feel his huge cock jerk inside as he releases his load into me. When he pulls out, I immediately put my head on the mattress and leave my ass in the air so nothing leaks out.

When I feel sure that nothing has been left at the surface to spill out, I lie down, and he lies next to me. We face each other and he wraps his arm around my waist. We lie together, out of breath, in silent euphoria as we come down from our high. It’s the best sex I’ve had in a long time, and now that it’s over, I already miss it.

The silence stretches on, the only sound in the room is our jagged breath, starting to return to normal. I look at his face. Moments ago we were so close, I couldn’t tell where his body ended and mine began. But now as I stare into his eyes I think, Who are you? What now? It hits me that this isn’t a regular date. This is it. No one last drink or the potential that we may spend the night together. It’s over. The deed is done. Yet neither of us moves. Our breathing is synched and we continue to stare at each other.

His fingers run along the curve of my hip, tracing up my body from my hip and up to my shoulders and back again.

“You wore me out,” he says.

“That was nothing. You did all the work. You should see me when I’m in charge.”

His perfect eyebrows raise and he lets out a low chuckle. “Well now I’m even more intrigued than before. It’s too bad this has to end.” His smile falters and there’s something almost sad about the look in his eyes.

“Yeah, it is.”

With a sigh, he stands up and puts his shirt on. It’s a shame to cover that body. Men like that should be permitted to be naked all the time, a gift to the women of this world.

“Thirsty?” he says, going to the mini fridge. He pulls out a chilled bottle of champagne.

I sit up and wrap the sheet around me. “Yes, thank you.”

While he fills two glasses with champagne, I can’t help but wonder if that did the trick. Was that the moment a child was made? I hope it was. If it didn’t take, will there be a second chance with this stranger, or will it be someone new next time? I didn’t ask Mosaic about it. I don’t know why that never occurred to me until this very moment. I’m sure more questions will arise as time goes by. I was so eager to have a child that I didn’t think about all the possibilities. I really hope if there is a next time, it’s with him.

He hands me the glass of champagne and I down it quickly. When I’m done, he takes it from me and sets it on the bedside table. With a glint in his eyes, he crawls over me, pressing my shoulders back until I’m fully reclined. Are we going for round two? Even though I’m sore as hell from being bludgeoned with his giant cock, I think I still have more in me.

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