The Baby Maker's Club

By: Penny Wylder

I stand up quickly. “I should go.”

He stands up too, and places a hand on my cheek. He leans down and places his lips on mine, kissing me deeply. It’s unexpected but completely welcome. I breathe him in, memorizing his scent and the way his skin feels under my fingertips. I want to remember everything about him before he leaves and keep him fresh in my memory—though, he’s not the type of guy I could easily forget. But still. I do it anyway, then I rush out of the room before this goes any further.


At work the next day, it’s hard to think about anything but the incredible evening I spent with Chaucer—

I chide myself for even thinking of his name. I’m not supposed to know it. I need to get it out of my head. I can’t make the mistake of letting it slip when I see him again.

I’m trying to focus on work, but every time the door opens, I look to see if it’s Megan coming into the office. When she finally waddles in, her ankles swollen, a big-gulp soda in one hand and breakfast burrito in the other, I flag her down. She nods and heads my way, bumping the back of a co-worker’s chair and knocking his jacket to the ground. She weaves through the maze of desks in the huge room, barely able to squeeze by in her condition. She looks at the various items she knocks over as if contemplating picking them up, then shrugs and keeps walking.

She leans against my desk, takes a bite of her burrito and talks with her mouth full. “So, did you go through with it?”

I feel myself blushing and try to tamp down my smile. “I did, and it was just as amazing as you said it would be.”

Megan nudges my shoulder, leaving a grease smear on my shirt. “I told you. And how did you like the man they chose for you?”

I’m practically swooning at the thought of him. “He’s my dream guy. He was so beautiful. It’s too bad I couldn’t have met him outside of the club.”

“You’re lucky. Great sex is an added bonus, but let’s see if it does the trick.” She points at her swollen belly. “But I’m lucky too since I found a man who doesn’t care that I was pregnant when I met him. He’s just as excited about this baby as I am. I even caught him showing his friend an ultrasound picture the other day. He’s already a great daddy.”

“You guys have a really beautiful family.”

It’s hard to choke out those words since everything she’s saying is something I wish I had too. I don’t regret going at this alone, but listening to Megan reminds me that it would be nice to have a partner in this whole thing. Have someone to celebrate the milestones with.

“Did you ever learn the name of the father of your child?” I ask.

She laughs as though I said something funny. “Of course not. He didn’t offer and I didn’t ask. I would never break his trust, or the trust of the club like that. I heard from my friend who recommended the place that Mosaic kicked out a woman before and sued her. She’d found her donor on the internet and contacted him. And besides,” she says, rubbing her belly, “after what they gave me, I’d never betray her like that.”

The guilt of knowing Chaucer’s name is really eating away at me. I want to confess to Megan and get it off my chest, but I can’t bring myself to do it, even though it was an accident and I know she wouldn’t tell Mosaic.

“Yeah, that would be terrible,” I say, and twist in my chair to go back to work.

“When do you go back?” she asks.

“I don’t know, but trust me, I can’t think about anything else,” I say, unable to hide my excitement.

“You’ll probably get a call any day now. You and your partner will keep trying until you get the results you want.”

The thought of being with him again sends a shiver down my spine … and to other parts of my body.

“That’s good to know,” I say.

Sure enough, as soon as I get off work there’s a message for me about my next appointment with my partner. Tomorrow night at 6pm, same room.

When it’s time to go back, I’m more eager than ever. This time we don’t waste time with massages and small talk. As soon as I walk through the door Chaucer is tearing off my clothes. Clothes fly in all directions; my panties land on top of a lampshade.

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