The Baby Maker's Club

By: Penny Wylder

I thought that it would all happen faster than this. A quick, get the job done kind of swiftness to it all, but he’s taking his time. He’s savoring the moment. I’m grateful for that, because each time he touches me I become more and more turned on, and I know there won’t be any regrets after. I wasn’t sure how this was going to go, or how I would feel making a baby with a stranger. So far it feels incredible.

I watch, mesmerized, as his head lowers between my legs, as his lips lay delicate kisses on the smooth skin of my pussy. Again, I’m relieved I’ve kept up with my regular waxing schedule.

He doesn’t have to do any of this. My pleasure is not part of the deal. Going down on me will not get me any closer to getting pregnant, but I’m thrilled he’s doing it.

His tongue snakes out and he licks everything but that sensitive spot. I spread my legs wide, urging him to satisfy that need, but he just smiles and licks around it.

I glare at him playfully. “Tease.”

“You’ll thank me later,” he says in an equally playful tone.

Then he slips a finger into me, ever so slowly. I’m dripping wet and I gasp. As he moves his finger inside of me, touching all the right spots, I close my eyes and moan. He’s an expert with his hands. My lower back and hips come off the bed and I buck involuntarily. I feel the slight vibration of a chuckle in his throat. He’s enjoying this as much as I am. He adds another finger and my moans turn to elated cries. I beg him not to stop. Then he sucks my clit into his mouth and I come undone.

I can tell how wet I am by the ease in which his fingers slide in and out of me. The flat part of his tongue moves in slow circles around my clit as he finger-fucks me. He reaches up my body and grabs my breast, playing with my nipple. I squeeze my eyes shut and ride this perfect wave of pleasure.

The feeling intensifies, and I grab onto his head, forcing him to stay right where he is. My hips grind, pushing my dripping pussy against his face. My frenzy seems to fuel him. He adds a third finger. My screams and moans fill the room and can probably be heard by everyone else down the halls. My body is electrified, ready to combust at any moment. I want to tell him to slow down, to wait. I want to prolong this for as long as I can. But my mouth won’t form the words. My orgasm is a freight train and there’s nothing I can do to stop it from barreling forward.

All at once my muscles clinch, and I bear down on his fingers.

“Come for me, baby,” he says.

My back arches off the bed. His fingers slip and slide as the wetness pours out of me. My body turns to jelly as I come down from this high. He kisses my clit and I jerk a little. It’s sensitive to the touch.

My orgasm does nothing to alleviate my hunger to have him inside of me. I impatiently help him out of his shirt, and pause when I see the ripple of muscles on his stomach. He has an incredible body. Muscular, but not over the top.

He stands up. I sit on the edge of the bed in front of him and unbutton his pants. They slide down his hips and puddle on the floor at his feet. The bulge in his boxer-briefs is enough to shock me and make me do a double take. My mouth starts to water.

I lean forward and kiss his stomach, reach my hands around and squeeze his firm, muscular ass. His fingers slide through my hair and grip a handful. He moves my head down toward his boxer-covered cock. I kiss it through the fabric. His cock jerks from the attention.

I hurry to get his underwear off of him. He chuckles at my eagerness.

I’m sure his underwear fit him fine when he put them on this morning, but now his erection fills them up and makes them far too tight. They look like they’re uncomfortable, like they’re digging into his skin. I’m more than happy to help him out with that.

Grabbing onto the waistband, I struggle to get them off of him. When I finally do, I feel triumphant. His beautiful cock stands at attention in front of me, the large head glistening with precum. I take a moment to appreciate its size and length. The man is hung. So much so that it’s a bit intimidating. Will he even fit? I have my doubts, but that won’t stop me from trying.

I take it in both my hands. Even with both hands wrapped around the shaft, there is plenty still exposed. He moans as I gently double fist him with slow, even strokes. When I open my mouth and circle my tongue slowly around the head, he tilts his head back and makes a sound almost like a growl.

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