The Billionaire's Double Surrogate

By: CJ Howard

A Billionaire Pregnancy Romance


Tech billionaire Cameron Elliot had billions of dollars in his bank account but he still longed for a child of his own.

So he decided to hire beautiful Jasmine Thompson to be his surrogate mother and give him the baby he wanted so much.

However, Jasmine was unaware of just how much Cameron wanted that child to be a boy.

So much so, that Cameron was willing to do whatever it took to ensure he had a baby boy sooner rather than later.....

This is a unique spin on the Billionaire-Surrogate romance theme. Expect the unexpected in a novel that is full of UNPREDICTABLE twists and an ending that no one could ever see coming! Download now to start reading!


She parked her car beneath a wide-topped tree filled with leaves, offering the shadiest spot on the street. It was a warm California day an hour south of San Francisco in Silicon Valley where Jasmine Thompson lived. The cool air was scented sweetly with flowers and blooms from the multitude of natural growth around her, and it mixed with the rich smells of hot eucalyptus trees and the salty air from the Pacific Ocean and the San Francisco Bay.

Jasmine looked down at her belly and gently held her palm over it. “We’re going to go meet your daddy and talk to him for the first time today. This is only the second time I’ve met him and he’s nice, but I know he’s excited about you, and you are one lucky little baby. When you finally come into this world, you’re going to be born into a wonderful home.”

She smiled and gave her belly a little rub before releasing the seatbelt and opening the car door. She felt nervous, but she didn’t want the baby in her to know that if it was at all possible. She turned and looked at the building where she was headed.

It was a two-story structure; an older building made in the 1940s and nestled into a row of other buildings all with different façades, but all built in the same time frame. They lined the small streets of one of the older sections of Palo Alto, one that had gone through a renaissance. While the little neighborhood had been updated, the old buildings had been kept and lightly refurbished, so the vintage feel of the area was kept intact.

She liked the look and feel of the neighborhood, it was simple and sweet, and it felt to her as if she had stepped back in time, except for the newer cars and the displays in some of the windows. The pace of the hum and busyness of the street was slower than it was in other places, and in other cities even close by. It felt like time had slowed down, like no one was in a hurry, and everyone had time to stroll along, nod at other passersby, and enjoy the day. It was a welcome change for her from the fast-paced neighborhood where she lived and where she had gone to college.

Breathing in deeply, she told herself that she had made the right decision, and what she was doing would all be over in six short months, and then her life would be her own, and she could do what she had dreamed of for so long.

She looked up and down the street and thought to herself that the flower shop she was determined to open someday would look beautiful alongside the other old fashioned shops on the street, perhaps somewhere between the candy shop and the café. She could have flowers set about outside to draw people in, and she could make up a lovely window that made people stop and smile.

Jasmine let her breath out in a sigh and turned to go back to the building she had come there to begin with. She paused a moment as she passed by a big plate glass window where she saw her reflection, and she gave herself a cursory glance to be sure she looked nice.

She was taller, standing at five feet eight inches, and she had a slender frame, though her feminine curves left no doubt that she was all woman. Her soft black hair fell in bigger curls around her head like a dark halo, which she kept cut into a wedge at about ear length, with the back shorter and the curls around the front styled to frame her face well.

Her skin was the color of dark honeyed caramel and it had a healthy glow. She had dark eyes framed with thick black eyelashes just above high and delicately curved cheekbones. Her lips were full and she had a wide and bright smile loved by everyone who saw it.

Jasmine was wearing a pretty floral sundress that held closely to her curves while seeming to dance slightly around her calves; the hem lifting and billowing easily as she walked. She had strappy sandals on and her toes showed off the pedicure she’d gotten only a couple of days before. She gave herself a little smile, pleased with how she looked.

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