The Call (Alpha Billionaires Book 4)

By: B.L. Brooks

What’s with this guy and his cars? A little much for some city driving, I’ll say. But I can’t complain. It beats the hell out of taking the bus today.

By the time I park the car, I’m cringing at the yellow tape crossed over my broken window. It’s like a total crime scene over here, and with no one around, I hurry inside to find a change of clothes and get dressed before heading out to start my new job.

My nerves are sky-high this morning, only worsening by the time I arrive at one massive building, staring up at the large metal sign hanging over the main entrance. ‘Jordan’s Design’ glaring my way, but my phone starts to buzz, yanking my attention down.

I smile, finding Eli’s name flashing across my cell, and quickly, I answer.

“Megan,” he says before I can so much as say hi. “Just wanted to check in. How are your nerves?” His tone is light, yet firm.

I glance up at the sign again. “Out of control,” I admit, hung up on the fact Eli’s calling me right now to ask how I’m doing…like, what? “Can you tell me that thing again; the one where everyone messes up and I’ll survive,” I murmur, reflecting on our morning together.

He laughs, “I promise, baby girl, you will be just fine.” His tone almost enough to have me reconsidering why I’ve been second-guessing myself. “Make sure to call after work,” he gently reminds me, darkening his tone while at it as my mind slips to the thought of calling him every day now…but I can only wish.

“R-right, I will. I’ll talk to you soon then.”

“Have a good day,” he tells me, making my reply hardly audible before ending the call. I just need to clear my head and prepare now for another new adventure…



I’ve never been so distracted as I was today. I’m grateful nothing tragic demanded my attention as the lull has been greatly appreciated, I’ll admit.

The end of the day nears, and my phone starts to ring, pulling my eyes off my screen and to my cell, finding Megan to be calling in.

Right on time.

“Baby girl,” I pick up the line, holding a hunch the girl is blushing—just like she does every time I seem to call her what she is; my baby girl.

Megan lightly giggles. “H-hey, Eli. Just uh, wanted to call like I said I would. Did you have a good day?”

I lean back in my chair, threading my free hand up through my hair. “It’s better now since you called,” I grumble, not caring to hold back. “And what about you?”

“My day was pretty wonderful, actually,” she gushes, drawing a smile from my lips without her even knowing it. “My boss is pretty pleasant, and everyone seems real friendly. I have nothing but high hopes.” Her voice is light and airy, making me believe her every word. “But thanks again for calling this morning. I think it really helped me in the end.”

“You’re quite welcome.”

“I, uh…,” Megan stops, taking her time to continue on with her thought. “I-I couldn’t get anyone out today to fix my window.”

I sit upright, gripping the phone a little tighter. “You’re not planning on staying there, are you?” If that’s the case, I’m patrolling her flat for the night, if not forcing the girl to come home with me instead.

“No, well, I…I don’t really want to. I hope this isn’t rude to ask, but would you care if I stayed over again?”

Care? If I had it my way, she’d pack her bags now and move the hell in. My heart takes off, thumping loudly at the thought of it.

The way she’s asking for help is so innocent, I have to put myself in check just to answer. “Not rude in the slightest, Megan. You remember how to get to my place?”

“Yes, I think so. But if I get lost, I’ll call. Thank you,” she says, repeating her thanks for yet another time. “I’ll uh, go home real quick to get a change of clothes for the morning, then I’ll be over.”

“And I’ll start dinner for us in the meantime. Any preferences for tonight?”

Megan hums, pausing as I imagine her eyes flicking around while she thinks on it. “What about something with pasta?”

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