The Call (Alpha Billionaires Book 4)

By: B.L. Brooks

As she takes a seat at the breakfast nook, I notice the sly smile tracing her lips as she watches me continue to prep, staring at my forearms as I begin chopping away at the lettuce for tonight’s salad.

“Care to shower with me? I could use a little company…”

I drop the knife down on the counter with a smirk. “Baby girl, you know you don’t have to ask.” This isn’t the first time she’s come to me with hopes of shower sex—but I can’t deny the fact I return the favor just as often.

Megan leans on the table, her elbows propped upright as she rests her head in the palm of her hands. “Why would I change my ways now when they’ve always worked?”

“Worked?” I muse, looking into her tempting eyes. “As in, you getting me to wash your hair and then fuck you senseless?”

She quickly nods, “Yes, obviously.” Her smile turning a notch sweeter. “I looooove you,” she draws out, and with that being said, all else stops. Could merely be the way she said it or how she’s looking in this light right now, but I no longer care to do anything else before asking the question smothering my mind.

I step around the counter, moving to Megan as she perks up as I near; her fingers winding through my belt loop in effort to pull me closer the second she can.

“You know how much I love you, right? How much you mean to me?” I watch her gaze shift up from my belt to meet my eyes. “You’ve forever changed my life, Megan. Giving you my card was the best move I could’ve ever made in life, I hope you know that.”

“Eli,” she purrs, her cheeks turning pink, “of course I know.” Her eyes still bright on mine. “Calling you was the best move I could’ve ever made…ever. I love you so much.”

My arms wrap around her waist and pull, bringing Megan up to her feet. Taking a few steps back from her chair, I sink down on one knee. She gasps, her eyes quickly widening as she watches me slide into position.

“Well, I’ll admit this isn’t how I planned on doing this at all, but I can’t look at you a moment longer without you wearing it.” I ease the black square box from out of my pocket, popping it open without breaking eye contact. Her eyes slowly move away from mine and down to the box, now staring at the diamond ring sticking out of it as I ask, “Marry me?” Adding, “Be mine for the rest of time, Megan. I love you more than anything, and let me be the one to prove it to you every day.”

Not an ounce of hesitation appears as she drops down on her knees, locking her arms around my neck as she nods wildly up and down. “Forever, Eli.” Her lip tucked between her teeth as she pulls away, holding my hand supporting her ring. “It’s b-beautiful...I can’t believe you,” she says, her voice soft as her eyes get lost in the diamond.

But as if those words break the spell, her gaze veers up, meeting my stare as she whispers, “I can’t wait to marry you.”

“Baby girl,” I groan, flushed with relief as I grab the ring from out of the box and gently slip it on her finger, watching her jaw take a drop as she admires her left hand.

Perfect fit for my perfect girl. I don’t know how the hell I know, but I’m sure I’ll never be as happy, as overjoyed as I am in this moment with Megan in my arms, promising our lives together...

Now when we start a family, that might give this memory a run for its glory—but I’m looking forward to finding out with my wife by my side. Forever.

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