The Call (Alpha Billionaires Book 4)

By: B.L. Brooks

My manager suddenly separates from the group just as everyone approaches. I poke Sonja on the hip, getting her to move along and grab more supplies as I’ll be sure to thank her later for the help.

“I’m Roy,” the lanky kid introduces himself in a bat of an eye; the one I assume to be the birthday boy. “My uh, friends seem to have a twisted sense of humor for a twenty-first birthday, which is why I’m now here. Just thought you should know,” he mutters, supporting a grin while at it.

Well, at least he seems normal enough.

“It’s nice to meet you, Roy,” I offer a pleasant smile as I’ve been trained to do. “And happy birthday, by the way. I’m Megan. I’ll be the one to make sure your time here is nothing but fun.”

His grin grows creepy, especially now that he’s looking me up and down like I can’t tell. “I’m sure you will, Megan.”

Between Roy’s flirty gaze and the way he just said my name, I’m about ready to call it quits early. But aware of how bad I need this last check to be decent—holding me over until my new job pays out—no matter the annoyance, I’ll need to stick it out today.

Plastering a smile back on, I ask, “Pink or blue balloons?” Obviously joking, although Roy doesn’t seem to be about it as his eyes harden in a flash, his head gently shaking back and forth.

“How about we just start with drinks? I could use a beer.”

“Sure,” I nod, and take off for the bar, sidestepping a rather tall man who pops out of nowhere, appearing in a dashing three-piece suit while looking as if he has no business being in an ice rink.

His smile I find disarming, driving goosebumps all over my skin as I can’t quite do anything but stare right now…

Is it weird to say I’m attracted to a complete stranger? I don’t even know the guy, and yet somehow, I kind of feel like I do.

Brushing my shivers aside, I skitter past him, glancing back over my shoulder to catch his eyes still fixed on me. Instantly, my focus snaps back ahead as I pad over to the bar, a smile breaking my lips apart in thought of him watching me disappear…



Had it not been Leroy’s birthday today, I would’ve never stepped foot inside this shitty old ice rink. But finding her…she’s now made this day all worth my while.

I don’t even know who the girl is, but I caught her talking to my nephew for a minute there—I’ll start my questions with him.



His tone makes me cringe every fucking time, but addressing it only nudges on arguments with my sister. “The girl you were just talking to, what’s her name?”

“Uh, I think she said Megan. I don’t know man, but she’s a babe. We’re going to have a few drinks together.” He acts all cocky, meanwhile I’m secretly betting against him telling the truth.

I turn ahead, spotting my mystery girl to be walking up, carrying a beer bottle in one hand and a glass in another. The second she looks up from watching her every step, her eyes go wide as she meets my stare. Mmmm. Though just as quickly, her gorgeous blue gaze flicks away, reaching Leroy on my left.

“Here you are, Roy. Enjoy,” she chimes, smiling while at it.

He reaches out slowly, taking the beer and iced-over glass. “And where’s yours?”

Megan’s smile spreads, becoming even more breathtaking when she’s so clearly irritated. “Unfortunately, I won’t be sharing any drinks with you today. I am working, after all.”

“Oh, that’s bullshit.”

The damn kid has always had the most inelegant manners; just another argument well exhausted between his mother and I.

“Have one drink. What will they do?”

Megan keeps up that fake look of hers, her eyes remaining on my nephew. “I’m sorry, Roy, it just can’t happen. I still need to go prepare a few things, but I’ll be sure to check back in with you shortly.”

Leroy loudly sighs, nearly stomping his way off to his group of friends like the overgrown child he is. Although he’s twenty-one now, he still has fewer manners than an untrained pup.

Megan takes a step back, her eyes fixed on me again—almost as if she’s lost in a daze—and before I can warn her, a child runs behind her back, pushing her forward. Like instinct, my body moves, catching the girl as her fingers clasp around my forearms before her knees have time to meet the floor.

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