The Call (Alpha Billionaires Book 4)

By: B.L. Brooks

Chewing on my bottom lip, I curb the tears threatening to unleash. “I just got home, but my flat…people are breaking in,” I whisper angrily, trying to watch my voice while in hiding. “I can’t believe—”

“Are you safe?” he cuts me off again, though this time, his tone is darker, deeper than before. I feel myself flushing and he’s not even here.

“Yes, I think so. I’m hiding in the bushes.”

“What’s your address?”

“1465 Lincoln Way.”

“I’m sending squad cars now. And I’m on my way.”

A small part of me wants to tell Eli not to worry, but the idea of him coming for me is kind of exciting, bringing me to stay silent in the end.


I nearly jump at his voice, only to then jump at the police sirens zeroing in. I stare at my flat, unable to see anything but the eyesore of a shattered window. And before I can find it in me to move, the burglars begin their hasty escape.

Oh no.

“Megan, talk to me,” Eli grates through the line.

“They’re getting away,” I whisper.

“Let them,” he snaps. “Do not follow them, do you understand? I’m almost there.”

“I won’t move.”

“Good.” His tone lightens just a bit. “I let all officers know to expect you on site. You’re safe, Megan.”

Safe. The funny thing is, I haven’t really felt scared ever since he picked up my call…though I could never tell him the truth. The guy would simply laugh, regretting to have ever given me his number in the first place. I can see it now.

I pull my focus back to the gaping hole in my window, clutching my phone tightly.


My heart nearly bursts, startled by the sudden voice behind me as I come to find an officer standing in place.

“Oh, hi,” I gasp, re-situating my phone. “Eli, there’s an officer here.”

The cop looks at me quizzically, and averting my gaze, I shy away from him.

“Are you alright?” the cop asks, and I nod, standing from my crouched position.

“I’m two blocks away,” Eli rasps through the line. “I’ll be there before he can get you to the car.”

The thought quickly fills me with butterflies. As I follow the officer by my side while also watching several other officers barge inside of my flat, my head is spinning in endless circles.

Police cruisers line the street—lights flashing all around as everything that once looked normal here is now starting to look strange.

Then all of a sudden, I spot Eli shoveling his way through the small crowd, his eyes pinned on me. Oh god.

“Megan,” he practically groans my name as soon as he nears. “You okay?”

I smile, timid with him back around. “I-I’m okay, thank you. I’m sorry for calling, I…” Hesitating to say any more, I trail off.

I, what? I forgot who to call instead?

I wanted to see you again?


“Nonsense,” he retorts, his stern voice reappearing. “I’m grateful you did. It looks as if you won’t be staying here tonight considering the damage,” he grumbles, looking as peeved as I am about the break-in. “Where can I take you?”

He nods to the officer standing at my side, dismissing him in full as Eli eases a hand on my upper back, guiding the way to his blacked-out SUV. He opens my door, helping me to settle in before stalking his way around to the driver’s side, his eyes landing on mine heavily as he slides behind the wheel.

“So, where to?” he asks again, closing his door.

“There’s nowhere…I-I don’t know where to go,” I confess.

His jaw tightens. “What do you mean?”

“My parents live hours away, and since I moved here only two months ago, I really don’t know anyone.”

I’ve never been more embarrassed than I am right now…what I felt earlier back at the ice rink was cake compared to now. What I’m saying is true—while Sonja and I do get along, we’re not exactly friends on account of her childish ways. It can be a little much for my liking.

“A hotel will do just fine for tonight. Any recommendations for one in the city?”

I only wish I could capture Eli’s face, painting the perfect picture of how sour it turns as if he’s appalled.

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